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Topic: OT: Computer upgrade help

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    OT: Computer upgrade help

    Right now I have 2 computers linked via FXteleport: 1 is a P4 2.53 ghz, 1 gig of ram (512x512 no slots left open), M-audio 2496 soundcard.

    The other is a P4 1.7 768 (256x256x256 no slots left open) ram, soundblaster soundcard (don\'t even use the soundcard)

    I am using Drumkitfromhell (in the dr-008), Hardcore bass, and Eastwest silver in basically all my songs that I am going to do. I also use sfz for some soundfonts as well.

    My birthday is coming up [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] so should I get more ram for the computers?

    Should I buy 2 gigs of ram (1 gig x 1 gig) and put those in the better computer, take the 2 512\'s out of it and stick it in the worse computer.

    I think I need ram because I do get stuttering once in a while when I add all the effects and try to run everything at once.

    I\'ll get some stuttering on a song like this (only sometimes though when recording) (The workaround has been just to shutoff the effects until I was done recording and then add them after I was done.) Here are the Tracks

    Tracks 1-7 are 6 audio and 1 midi utilizing drumkit from hell via fxteleport. 5 of those tracks have the timeworks equalizer, 2 have the compressor, 1 the lexicon reverb. These are all bussed to a drum bus that has a reverb and compressor.

    Tracks 8+9 are 1 audio/1midi for a soundfont in sfz. There is a lexicon reverb on this instrument.

    Tracks 10+11 are 1 audio/1midi for hardcore bass being utilized via fxteleport. (no effects)

    12+13 are 1 audio/1midi for Eastwest silver via fx teleport (the trumpets) (no effects)

    Tracks 14+15 are 1 audio/1midi and are using sfz to load a xylophone via fx teleport. (no effects)

    Track 18 is my guitar (audio) 2 effects (lexicon reverb and Sonitus Equalizer)

    Using that setup my cpu hits about 30-35% and my disk is like 0-6%. I don\'t really understand why I would stutter sometimes but I do.

    My \'fxtelepoert\' computer is maxxed out as far as ram goes as I get a message saying \'if you load any more samples, blah blah...\' but I could always load them into my stronger computer.

    How useful will the extra sticks of ram be to my computer. It would basically add another gig to my stronger computer and another 512 to my weaker.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this Long post.

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    Re: OT: Computer upgrade help

    From my experience, www.pricewatch.com usually has the best leads on the lowest prices.

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    Re: OT: Computer upgrade help

    Hm...what latency are you working with? Does the stuttering stop if you up the latency setting? My guess is that your problem is not related to running out of memory or cpu resources.

    Some truths:
    * More memory is always a good thing.
    * You don\'t need a faster disk. The standard drives (7200rpm) are fast enough unless you have MANY tracks, way beyond the track count you mention.
    * The DR008 acts very strangely some times for me. I decided to try it again a couple of months ago, but after getting strange droputs on the projects I dropped it for now (again) and everything went to normal...

    My sequencer machine also has 1GB with an XP2400+ processor and I frequently load much more than that (track-wise and plugin-wise) without any problems whatsoever. The playback starts to stutter when the CPU load is 80-90% according to Sonar. Most of the time the songs include multiple large samples like the Scarbee e-pianos or/and other grand pianos requiring alot of streaming buffer memory running in Kontakt. In fact I have loaded samples in Kontakt way beyond the warning message box that pops up to tell you you\'re running out of virtual memory and worked on these projects without any problems. Probably not preferrable, but certainly doable.


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    Re: OT: Computer upgrade help

    The latency for my ASIO is 1024. Is there any way for me to find the root of my problem? If so, could you email me a file that will do this (ryan@ryanformato.com) I don\'t know how to really isolate what the problem could be but I don\'t want to buy Battery (the only alternative to the dr-008) for another $140 just to find out the problem isn\'t solved. I don\'t believe either that I don\'t have enough resources. There must be a screwy setting. I\'m not really sure what it could be though. I know I can try the battery demo out, but I don\'t think you can load the Drumkit from hell kits into the demo version. Also, another weird occurence that happened was that I pressed play on my song and it played through fine at 35%. Then I bounced it to a \"final\" track and the final track stuttered like crazy and was essentially unplayable. If you guys can come up with anything, I really need the help. If anyone is using Sonar 3 producer, DFH, Hardcore bass, or EW silver, maybe you can send me a \'test\' file and tell me how much cpu/stuttering your computer can take and i\'ll compare it to mine. That way I can see if it is just the dr-008 or something more.

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    Re: OT: Computer upgrade help

    Hi all,

    if you are going to buy computer parts to build or expand, use www.zipzoomfly.com They have the best prices going and 2nd day shipment is FREE on SO many of their products. They are 100% reliable and you can save a bundle on OEM products..Their RAM prices are terrific...

    Alan Russell

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    Re: OT: Computer upgrade help

    I would consider buying an inexpensive motherboard that has 4 dimm slots. 1 gig dimms are pricey...You could probably find a decent MB for well under a hundred bucks...check out www.newegg.com Abit, Asus, FIC, DFI, Chaintech are decent brands. You could also consider a motherboard that might allow for better processor upgradability in the future. I think the intel chipset is best for P4\'s...Like the 865PE or 875. With the extra Dimm slots you could buy another 512MB and max one machine and maybe another to bring the slower machine to 1 gig.

    Consider SATA support too, either in a new MB or add-on card. Even though memory is a huge part of the equation...the quality of the total system plays an important role too. You didn\'t mention a budget for these upgrades but I would imagine even just adding a SATA card and a 10000 RPM HDD drive as a primary audio drive could probably solve a lot of your problems. 75GB drive is about $260 and a SATA card is about $22.

    I only have an Athlon XP 2000 with 512 MB of ram and I have yet to max it out but I am adding more memory - buying a decent brand with good timings...CAS 2.5 or 2 is best and PC2700+...I am also upgrading my processor...but I am spending the extra like I did in building the system to get quality high performance parts.

    I guess to sum it up consider things in this order based on your budget:

    1)A new Motherboard for the primary or other PC or both
    2) Extra memory two 512 MB Dimms (Get the correct speed for you setup...ie PC2700, 3200 etc...)
    3)A new faster HDD like a 10000 rpm SATA

    I hope that helps your decision.

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    Re: OT: Computer upgrade help

    Have you tried using WDM instead of ASIO. I use a Delta 1010 myself on that machine btw and it seems to me that the WDM driver for the Delta cards is more efficient.

    One tip that came from Cakewalk regarding stuttering and dropouts was to LOWER the latency setting and increase the number of buffers from 2 to 3. This will enable you to still achieve the same effective latency, but routing the audio through more \"tolerant code\" (so they said). I haven\'t tried this workaround since I don\'t experience the problem, but you might want to try this as well.


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    Re: OT: Computer upgrade help

    Could it possibly be FXTeleport?

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    Re: OT: Computer upgrade help

    I think there is a problem with fxteleport and hardcore bass/ because it is kompakt as well as the dr-008 and fx teleport....SFZ by itself goes fine when bounced to track and so do my audio (guitar .wav) files.

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