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Topic: VOTA Util Question

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    VOTA Util Question


    So -- I heard so much about the VOTA utility and how great it was, I decided finally last week to download it. And I did. Then I found that needed to get VOTA v2. So I did.

    I try to install it -- no go. The computer gives me the finger figuratively and hangs up.

    Does the computer have to be connected to the internet for the VOTA util install program to work? Is anyone else as inept as I?

    PLease help. Helping me will not only make you feel warmer inside -- but also keep you from arguing about Iraq and/or snipers. This way, I consider my inability to install a simple program a community service.



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    Re: VOTA Util Question


    I hope you are well.

    No, your Giga PC doesn\'t have to be hooked up to the web.

    In fact, I downloaded the utility on my net CPU (a mac) and transferred via sneaker net and it worked just fine. I did, however, have to duck as I passed by the window fearing an LA copycat sniper.....

    Oh, and in the utilty instructions where it says to read them thru twice, this is where my anxious ineptitude came in. By the way, what will the first words you program be? I can only imagine!

    Give my best to Joe and Chris.


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    Re: VOTA Util Question

    you don\'t need any special condition to run the setup.

    To resolve your problem, try to download again the file (just in case), and try to wait a little more during the first step of setup.

    If this don\'t revolve your problem, send me a mail, and i give you the instrutions/files to do a manual setup...

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    Re: VOTA Util Question

    Yup, just wait longer. All signs point toward it freezing up, but trust me... it hasn\'t. Just leave it sitting until it\'s finished.

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    Re: VOTA Util Question


    Thanks for the words of advice. I\'ll steel myself and actually wait this one out.

    Didier: Good to hear from you. You moved to CA? Whoa -- braaaaave. Let us know what you\'re up to. Working on films? Production music? \'Music\' music? We\'ve been crazy lately (apparently, bad news in the world unfortunately translates to more work for us, which just makes us feel kind of -- well -- icky). Just changed the website and -- yes, the first words we generate with this program will be more offensive than might have even dreamed -- only to be reversed and time sped up to be a rhythmic pulse during a section.

    Joe and Chris say hello right back at you.

    - Stew

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