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Topic: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings DVD corrupted?

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    Kirk Hunter Solo Strings DVD corrupted?

    hello everyone! i just got my copy of Kirk Hunter Solo Strings giga a few days ago. while trying to load various programs into kontakt 1.5 (as a AU plugin in logic platinum 6.3 mac dual 867mhz os 10.2.6 w/1.5gb ram), a pop up message appeared \"this file seems to be corrupted or may be incomplete.\" has this happened to any of you? 2 particular programs from disc one that i loaded, KhSoloCello and KhSoloViola, came up with this message. when i responded to the popup by pressing \"ok\", the pop up went away. in the lower left of kontakt\'s floating window, 113 and 101 giga programs were displayed respectively for the two programs. if i were to press anyone of them, the samples would load & played seemingly w/o problems for many, but some were w/o sound, like \"releasetriggerRep\". by the way, every files were transferred via drag and drop drom the dvd onto my hard drive dedicated for samples and audio files. i ran disk utility and the drive is w/o fault.
    2)when i tried to load \"KhBass k sus_esp_hrd_hrdvib_p\" from disc 2, logic crashed and the \"try to save your song\" dialog window appeared. any ideas?
    don\'t know if it\'s a kontakt issue or is it a corrupted dvd. i\'ve contacted Mr. Kirk Hunter, and he suggested me to try the NI forum. i did a search and there were alot more posts concerning KHSS here, so i thought i\'ll give it a try. thanks very much for your help.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings DVD corrupted?

    I had a problem with one of my original KHSS DVDs on my Giga computer, but my laptops\'s DVD drive read them fine.

    The fact is that replicated DVDs made from glass masters are readable in most anything. Duplicated DVDs like DVD-RWs and DVD+RWs can be flakey on 5% - 15% of drives and players, according to DV magazine. They go on to say that 250 discs is the crossover point as far as cost goes.

    I\'d guess that Kirk\'s runs are small enough that the discs are dups, rather than reps.

    The fastest solution would be to network your computer with a friend\'s DVD-enabled PC. If that\'s not available, I\'d guess that Kirk would be willing to send another disk. If that fails too, well, new DVD drives are cheap!

    Good luck.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings DVD corrupted?

    thanks very much for shedding some light on copying errors JonFairhurst. however, i don\'t have access to a pc network. before i go and purchase another drive i\'ll try to get some feedback from the NI. thanks again.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter Solo Strings DVD corrupted?

    ok, here a follow up. after re-copying the cello files from the dvd to the audio harddrive onto a different folder, opening up the program within kontakt yields the same message \"this file seems to be corrupted or may be incomplete\". so, it wasn\'t a duplication process, or is there another way of copying files?
    also, are the programs suppose to be separated into 113 individual ones even for names like \"releaseRiggerRe..\" or \"special layers\"? shouldn\'t these be part of the other programs? exactly how many programs should there be for the cello?
    the SoloBass program crashed logic again after re-copying from dvd. can any of you reproduce this?
    i\'m trying to eliminate factors and any help is appreciated. thanks.

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