Please: I don\'t want to stir up the hornet\'s nest again over this issue; I just want to clarify something.

It has been said (I think) that there is a possibility of Giga 3.0 implementing some kind of CP scheme for library developers.

Now, on, website for Translator, they offer the following information on their page describing the data format:

\"One very interesting thing about Gigasampler is that the file format had a copy-protection feature on it. A sound-development company would be able to produce files that cannot be loaded unless a code is entered; after that, the sound resides in that computer while being authorized by that code. This could\'ve helped protect the company from having pirated samples floating around. Interestingly, GigaStudio does not retain this protection, although it gives you some hard time dialogs that post warnings.\"

This wording sounds like that the CP already exists. Which is true? anyone?