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Topic: Impression No. 1

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    Cool Impression No. 1

    Impression No. 1

    First in a planned set of seven Impressions. Impression of what you ask? That is up to you and your ears to shape. Listen to this piece in a tranquil and quiet spot, close your eyes and let the music take your imagination on a trip.

    Impression No. 1
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    Ed, it is exactly as you describe it, an imaginative trip.

    Nice sound texture and nice instrumentation.

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    Re: Impression No. 1

    Hi, Ed - Have I said recently how good it is to see you back on the Forum? If I haven't--I'm saying it now!

    This is an engrossing project you've set up for yourself, composing 7 "impressions." Why the number 7? Because of its traditionally mystical significance?

    I generally hear music as pure energy, and don't like to nail down specifically what a piece "means" or suggests. Listening to this, I did momentarily had a sense of bleakness - But I think that's more of a generalized response typical of the impression I have when hearing music which sounds improvised and random to me, so I don't think it's specific to this piece.

    Thanks for the post - I trust you'll return with the rest of these as they develop.


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    Re: Impression No. 1

    Hey Ed, this works! Really pushes you into an inner mental trip. I'd mix those "pedal" strings a bit more prominently, they seem a bit weak, and give them a bit more expression... but I like the uneven rhythm depicted by the drum, let's say the "rhythm-less-ness" of the piece, and the "mystery" phrasing of the chromatic percussion instruments.

    You surely got my attention alerted. Waiting for the remaining 6 of this series.



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    Re: Impression No. 1

    Nothing mystical about my original plan for there being seven movements/impressions. It was based on my original layout of the BPM of the movements. My original plan was to have the movements follow the following plan

    • I BPM=48
    • II BPM=96
    • III BPM=144
    • IV BMP=192
    • V BMP=144
    • VI BMP=96
    • VII BMP=48

    I have since then changed my mind and have eliminated the two 144 BMP movements, so there will now only be five movements.

    I have finished writing the second and third movements and have the fourth movement 70% written. The fourth movement is most complex and time consuming (in terms of time spend getting the notes down) of all the movements so far. I have not started on the fifth movement.

    The funny thing is I wrote the second movement and then quickly moved onto the third and fourth movements with out pulling the second into Sonar a creating a recording of it. Just a few days ago I got around to revisiting the second movement and started putting into Sonar. What surprised me was how much I liked the second movement. It is my favorite movement/impression that I have written for this set. Hopefully I will have time this weekend to finish making a recording of the second impression to share with you.
    // Ars longa, vita brevis
    // http://edosbear.blogspot.com/

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    Re: Impression No. 1

    Hi Ed.

    This is one of the most intriguing pieces I have listened to in months.
    And since you stated that No. 2will be even better…

    The rendering can be certainly improved — I mean cellos and double bass
    are Achilles' heel in it, but the composition is strong in itself, and that is what really matters.

    The sound of Tuned percussion is great. I'm not used to work with this kind of instruments
    so you make me realize how good they are in GPO.

    The Bass drum is amazing.
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