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Topic: mahler

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    hey, i heard someone mention mahler and came across a research project I did a few years ago that I thoug some people here would get a kick out of. I arranged the first movement of mahler 5 for xylophone, french horn, piano, and percussion.

    i\'m playing the xylo part, my dear mother is playing the piano, a good friend of mine from high school is playing the french horn and the percussionist is currently playing with the Honolulu Symphony.
    it\'s located here:
    web page
    hope you all enjoy. it\'s an arrangement that makes me laugh and maybe it\'ll spark a discussion.

    I aplogize for the sound quality, i only had $500 to produce an entire CD.

    devin maxwell

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    Re: mahler

    Eh, Mahler\'s Fifth with a xylophone? That must sound very distinctive.

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    Re: mahler

    *lol* reminds me of the glorious days of silent films music [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    But done very well anyway

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    Re: mahler

    I downloaded the Mp3 file, very beautifull and very well done!! I\'m impressed.
    Up to \'Stürmisch bewegt, mit grösster vehemenz\'.

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    Re: mahler

    _Up to \'Stürmisch bewegt, mit grösster vehemenz\'.

    Yeah, I was going to finish and do the whole symphony, but I haven\'t gotten around to it.

    Glad you guys like it.

    I have another piece loosely based on Mahler 2 for chamber orchestra which is also pretty funny, but it\'s too big to put on my Geocities site and I\'m too broke to afford any real hosting.

    devin maxwell

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