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Topic: Panning Tips Please!!

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    Panning Tips Please!!

    I am cyrrently working on a funk/rock song.

    These are the instruments:
    Slap Bass
    Alto Sax
    Power Drums
    Dist Guitar
    Muted Guitar
    Brass Section
    Harmonic Guitar
    Rock Piano Wide
    Roland Strings Pad

    and More...

    I am not familiar with Panning in this type context for Rock.

    Anyone give me some tips on Panning and Velocity levels for each instrument I mentioned, to give me a good idea on how to mix this puppy?

    Please shed some light, its dark in here!!!


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    Re: Panning Tips Please!!

    Bump Bump

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    Re: Panning Tips Please!!

    I usually like to pan in alphabetical order.

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    Re: Panning Tips Please!!

    And if that doesn\'t work for you, try imagining how you place this \'virtual\' band on a stage*.

    * except for the bass. I would humbly suggest dead center, on top of the kick drum.

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    Re: Panning Tips Please!!

    (I swear this is my last post in this thread)

    Caveman, have a look at this article on mixing. Note that it runs more than 3 pages, so don\'t forget to click the \'Next\' button at the bottom of the page:


    PS: My first reply to your post was a joke. I usually pan according to the shape of the instrument. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Panning Tips Please!!

    Thanks Ned

    Thanks Ned

    Thanks Ned

    Its a great link, I will read it! I appreciate your response

    Back to my Cave now!


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    Re: Panning Tips Please!!

    IMO, it depends on the arrangement of the song too.

    Sometimes different instruments can share the same space in a stereo spread, especially if they aren\'t playing at the same time.

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    Re: Panning Tips Please!!

    I agree with King. Also EQ will play a factor. That is, work EQ (primarily subtractive) with other instruments playing. Don\'t be afraid to really dump the mud (200-300 hz). It took me a long time to do this, because I also \'checked\' the EQ soloing. Of course most of the time it sounded like crap hearing it soloed! Stick it back into the mix and, viola, sounds great. Doing this seems to help me do what King suggests, that some can share the same space.


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    Re: Panning Tips Please!!

    Thanks King and Rob, I appreciate the advice. Hey I will play around with it, and just have fun!

    Bats... [img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

    Thanks its lighter in here now...


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