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Topic: Do you share your best ideas?

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    Do you share your best ideas?

    This question has been on my mind since a long time... As a composer, suppose you\'re working on a film project (or whatever project). I guess we all have a \"bank\" of ideas we draw from when we\'re are in need for inspiration. Suppose you have a bunch of great ideas waiting for you inside your composer\'s bank, but you wish to keep these ideas for greater projects, or for your next symphony, or for whatever bigger project, because you think they\'re really great ideas. Now, do you take ideas from this bank for \"normal\" projects. Would it be \"spoiling\" the idea?

    I don\'t know... Suppose you come up with a theme that can be developped for hours, but would fit just perfectly into that small project in a place where the producer just needs two minutes of music. What would you do? Do you use the theme, or do you try to find another one?

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    Re: Do you share your best ideas?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Craig. I guess you\'re right in your way of seeing things. One should always try to write something better, so why not use what we already have when we need it... I never looked at things in this way, but it really makes sense...


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