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Topic: Spectrum

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    So when is Atmosphere gonna be released for Mac OS9 VST? Also is this thing multi-timbral? VST only has 8 slots so if its only one instrument per slot that doesn\'t leave much room. The same question for Stylus; one beat per slot? Pretty limiting if true...

    I bet some of you though I was gonna go on about the Spectrum after the (very) recent c64 thread? [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img]

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    Re: Spectrum

    So no-one knows when its out for Mac OS9? What about the multi-timbrality of it? Ned?

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    Re: Spectrum

    Nov 15th Atmosphere MacOS9/Windows ships.

    VST has no such limitation...only Cubase 5. It\'s the last of the limited ones though. Logic currently supports 64 instruments, Cubase SX 32 instruments and DP and Pro Tools are basically unlimited. (Sonar is pretty high too)

    Multitimbrality is on the horizon for the future though....just will take some time....so no promises on schedule yet. Keep in mind that there are literally hundreds of single channel VSTis...this is not unusual at all (all Emagic\'s instruments are this way for example).



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    Re: Spectrum

    Thanks Eric. Will all three of your VSTis run on Cubase SX for OS X?

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    Re: Spectrum

    Yes...by the end of the year.

    Please feel free to visit our site which has a lot of good info about all these issues:



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