Well, I have been doing some real good progress in my game project, Legend of Erthia. Some of you are already familiar with this project. It includes two separate types of gameplay and one main story: LOE - Armageddon (Might and Magic-like) and LOE - The Etheral Gate (Ultima-like). I wanted to introduce the heroes of Erthia with their full concept art.

From the left: Celesta (Thief), Priam (Barbarian), Maximus (Paladin), Catherine (Cleric), Draxilism (Sorcerer), and Arthur (Hunter).

Maximus' Theme (Picture in video is outdated version of Maximus):
Composed by Graham Plowman and me

Catherine's Theme:
Composed by Graham Plowman

*Sorry Randy, don't got these on soundcloud just quite yet, but I'll post them up ASAP.

Larger View:
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