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Topic: Tara

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    This is a short composition I created a few days ago for the memories of her. I named it after her. I included the sound of water because it reflects upon the place where Tara and I enjoyed spending time the most. This composition is a fragment of a moment Tara and I shared.

    We were at Rocky Point Park in BC and walking down the beach holding hands and just enjoying each other's love. We spent some time sitting at the rocks and looking out into the water. It was time we spent together... I remember that day as if it were only yesterday, but it has been years now. But I vowed, that I will never stop loving her... so I continue onward reliving and sharing the memories of Tara through my music.

    More About Tara:

    Libraries Used:
    - Vienna Strings SE (Solo Viola, Appassionata Cello Section)
    - Olympus Micro Choir (Soundiron)
    - Online SFX Generator



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    Re: Tara

    That's very nice, for a Canadian. (Just kidding!)

    The strings sound good and you demonstrate that you really know how to use them. Beautiful silky sound!


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Tara


    I love your music. I'm sorry I can't respond to all your posting because I can't seem to get here much lately and when I do I try to respond to people that rarely post first. But just know this doesn't mean I don't appreciate your music. I do!!

    Another lovely track for Tara. You really hit the "longing" "missing" emotion here with perfection. When I listen to a piece and then afterwards feel the emotion transferred to my daily life, then I know it was evocative and lasting piece.

    Hope you don't mind the feedback, but a couple areas for me were distracted by the attacks of the portamentos. Since this is a mystic. "longing" type track, nothing startling should be noted.

    The second portamento at the beginning has a loud attack, should be like the first one. The downward portamento at 29 seconds was absolutely perfect. But the note two seconds later was too loud. If you could make them all sound like that ()at the 29 sec. Mark). you would really have an exquisite piece here. Also might consider the number of portamentos "in a row" that you use too. Towards the very end you have several up and down ones. Portamento is a special technique to be used sparingly. If used to much it losses its impact and worse, starts distracting as all special techniques do if used too much. Just thought there were too many at the end JMO because it caught my attention.

    But again, the piece of music itself is wonderful. This rocks.... in the longing, remembering good times, department!


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    Re: Tara

    Another beautiful, emotive track. Thanks for sharing with us. I echo Cass's feedback - I was going to mention exactly the same details! But I think Cass put it better than I would have done.

    Thanks again for posting.
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    Re: Tara

    Hehehe!!! Thanks for the listen Larry! Us Canadians have a way of composing... it all starts with a plate of bacon to get the energy rolling!

    No problem Cass, I welcome all feedback even on my compositions for the memories of Tara. Feedback is what helps make me grow as a composer, and I love getting more experience and knowledge. I listened to it again, there are some loud attacks that I will have to tackle. I have been experimenting with the vienna software and I notice adding more attack (longer) it quietens that fast loud attack. I didn't use that on this piece, I only used the preset patches. Thanks for the feedback about the portamento. I have to admit my ears tend to like it myself, but you have a point that it may be distracting and I have to take in the bigger picture in regards to techniques. Thanks for the tips Cass.

    Thanks for listening own, both of you have some solid tips that I am going to have to practice with. I am glad you enjoyed the composition.



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    Re: Tara

    What's wrong with you guys, today? Earlier on Owen... now you, Richard... Whatever I listen to in the LR has WATER noises in it! You make me want to RUN TO THE TOILET!

    Richard, I told you that if you make 1000 Tara's arrangements I' ll listen to 1000 of them. So here I am. You really are having fun with that viola, lately. I do agree, it is kind of an underdog instrument: everyone goes for the violin and leave violas in the background, filling the last note on a chord. Violas have a gorgeous tone... warm and full, very nasal, which is a characteristic difficult to balance on strings instruments but one that does deeply contribute to the beauty of their sound.

    Always enchanting. Tara is your memory.. and now our friend, too.


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    Re: Tara

    Hehe! Water eh! I member an old myth told to me when I was a young lad. If you have to go to the washroom all you have to do is ask somebody else to put their hands under a tap of warm water and then you don't have to go to the washroom anymore LOL!

    I am indeed loving the viola, it is a very great instrument! However, I am getting a little more practice on the violin with the edits, it is becoming real rich!

    Also thanks for listening another memory of mine. I also want to thank you very deeply for your comment, "Tara is your memory.. and now our friend, too," that was really warm and I respect that very much. Thanks Fab.

    Your friend,


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    Re: Tara

    Hello again, Richard - I just got through writing a longish reply on your "Sorrow" thread, and now on this other sorrow thread, I really would only have the same things to say as I did on that one. So, consider that other reply as applying to both of your current posts.

    I'm glad Cass brought up what I did on "Sorrow"--

    Quote Originally Posted by Cass Hansen View Post
    ...Portamento is a special technique to be used sparingly. If used to much it losses its impact and worse, starts distracting...
    I feel that's exactly right, and mirrors what I wrote on your other thread. I see you've replied, saying you like all the deep sliding around. I'm sure it feels good, hearing all those dramatic swoops as you work on the music, and you can feel yourself in a deep emotional state - But as always when we work on music, we have to try and listen to results more objectively now and then. Feeling moved as we work doesn't guarantee that our listeners will feel that way too. For most people, heavy portamento has an association with some really corny old-fashioned music - If that association is triggered, then, as Cass said, it's distracting from the music itself.


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    Re: Tara

    Deeply evocative, emotionally, Richard -- highly effective writing.

    (With others, I might back off the portamento a bit.)

    And I do like the mixed media -- the water sounds, to me, add powerfully to the effect.

    Where'd you get that great water background, by the way?

    All the best,

    David Sosnowski

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