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Topic: Best prepard piano library?

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    Best prepard piano library?

    Can anyone recommend a sample library for the prepared piano (pref. in giga format).

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    Re: Best prepard piano library?

    Originally posted by brewick:
    Can anyone recommend a sample library for the prepared piano (pref. in giga format).
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I have used Total Piano (distributed by EastWest) and Post Piano Suite, both of which are very nice.

    I also have a piano harp which I rescued from an old piano I found on the side of the road. Quite the coincidence--I had just come from a meeting with Randy Moore (I was scoring his production of Hamlet). He wanted a lot of prepared piano sounds, and I had no acoustic piano at the time. I was driving home stressing about where I\'d be able to do that and stay on budget, when I looked over and there it was!! I called my tuner to have it tuned when I first found it--he thought I was nuts, but it has been a really wonderful tool. I use it quite a bit.

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    Re: Best prepard piano library?

    There\'s a free piano FX gig at:

    I use mainly Prosonus Prepared Piano, which has some cool sounds on it, and they\'re very light on memory (and the wallet).

    The prepared piano has always been the standard of measure for eerie FX with film composers and electronic musicians. Now you can round out your sound palette with those prickly spider sounds, or ambient whale moans and the infamous death scrapes. Prosonus Prepared Piano gives you bizarre timbres like those commonly found on synthesizer or sound fx discs, but with a distinctive acoustic quality that sets them apart. All the sounds were made by modifying a piano?s strings or hammers, and so retain an organic element that is often missing in synthetic sounds. Low ominous drones, eerie scrapes and squeals, tonal drum and percussive timbres and otherworldly sounds that are indescribable. All organic, all unique.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Also, the Best of Bolder CD has some nice prepared piano on it, along with lots of great sounds.


    The other one I know of is John Cage Prepared Piano, from Big Fish Audio, but I haven\'t checked it out yet.

    Big Fish Audio and the John Cage Foundation are proud to present the John Cage Prepared Piano. The original prepared piano and the only samples ever to be authorized by the estate of world-renown composer, John Cage. This particular collection of sounds was created for use in his magnum opus composition, Sonatas & Interludes (February 1946-March 1948). Cages technique of preparing a piano was a radical departure from standard piano composition. Using his original materials and following the precise instructions found at the head of his published score, various mutes were inserted between the strings of the keys, then each note pristinely recorded and programmed to bring you the instrument as Cage himself both envisioned and performed. Forty-five of the pianos eighty-eight keys were prepared, eleven with double preparations; three dynamic levels in five articulations comprise a total of 1,320 samples! This landmark achievement makes an authentic prepared piano, and by extension the works of John Cage, available to sampler owners in one of the most expansive digital instruments ever created. Whether you are a classical pianist looking for a portable prepared piano, an electronic musician looking to experiment with unusual organic sounds, or an admirer of Cage?s unprecedented genius, this little piece of history will leave you in reverent awe.
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    Re: Best prepard piano library?

    Also check http://vrsound.com

    prepared piano preferred by major TV composers.

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