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Topic: Most expensive sample library

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    Most expensive sample library

    If I\'m not wrong the most expensive sample library is Miroslav Vitous. I read a lot of critics on this library in this forum. Why is this library still so expensive when it\'s not so good as other libraries which don\'t cost so much?

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    Re: Most expensive sample library

    Dunno, but Im still waiting for the price to go down.

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    Re: Most expensive sample library

    I always get flamed when I make these comments, but the only reason sample libraries are priced high is because we pay for them at that price. If no one purchased the latest and greatest library at their asking price, it would eventually come down. I\'m still shocked to see Sun Glasses being sold for over $400.00. I think it\'s fairly obvious the commercial composers are a target for the higher priced libraries. If you take the time to research alot of the posts on this forum over the past 1-2 years it\'s clear the commerical composer is a very competitive market to be in. It would seem for them to have an edge, they pretty much have to be the first ones to purchase a new library. They can\'t afford to wait for a sale or wait till the price comes down. They NEED this stuff today! But from a business point of view I think it makes sense, the end result is fewer libraries being sold, more profit per sale, and fewer novices (like myself) having access to the same sounds the big major movie/tv composers do. And so you eventually end up with alot of posts from smaller users saying \"man, you would sell more copies if it was cheaper\" but in reality the developer probably wouldn\'t make more money by lowering the price. (ouch! I feel the flames already...)

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    Re: Most expensive sample library

    Absolutely right!. If people keep buying them the price will stay up, which might be an indication of their quality. Sure the Vitous library may have many faults now we\'ve been spoilt by better organised and documented cds, but there are a number of instruments that still take some beating IMO. The strings have some beautiful rich sounds some of which I prefer to the Garritan library, and the bassoons (for eample) are wonderful.

    Over-priced maybe, but I love the library!.

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    Re: Most expensive sample library

    I own both the Miroslav Vitous library (the whole set) and the GOS. GOS\'s sound quality is much better than MV, yet I still use them both from time to time.

    It\'s a myth. Many giga strings sample libraries\' sound quality is obviously better than MV, yet I can\'t use them. They simply don\'t sound right, no matter how I tweak them in the sequencing program.

    MV is quite different from other orchestral string libraries. It\'s easier to get \"emotions\" and \"feelings\" out of MV. For me it\'s simply irreplacible.

    I\'m not saying the above just because I\'ve paid big bucks for MV and therefore trying to defend it. As for the price, if they can still survive at this high price, so be it.

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    Re: Most expensive sample library

    Hmm...isn\'t this much simpler..

    If you don\'t buy them they will not sell them.

    If They don\'t sell them they will not make them anymore.

    If they don\'t make them you will work with a cheap sounding module or keyboard.



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