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Topic: Jazz Piece: The Moon in the Window

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    Jazz Piece: The Moon in the Window

    Except for the head, this is a mellow jazz piece that features vibraphone and bass.

    Please give it a listen and provide comments.



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    Re: Jazz Piece: The Moon in the Window

    I am a fan of your contemporary classical writing.
    This leaves me a little cold.
    I like the drum grove, is it programed or loops?

    So hard to write realistic midi jazz music.

    It sounds like the vibes are doubled with a trombone?

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    Re: Jazz Piece: The Moon in the Window

    Sounds good. I\'m curious about the bass you used. It is very nice.

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    Re: Jazz Piece: The Moon in the Window


    The euphonium sample is from Dan Dean solo brass. The vibes are Cool Vibes. The bass is the Larry Seyer bass. The drums are Sonic Implants. I primarily relied on a stick kit, but used a few brush cymbal crashes.


    If it left you cold, then I went too far. I was trying for cool, not cold. Darn! It must be due to the frigid temperatures we\'re suffering here.

    No drum loops were used. I used the Sonic Implants DW Cherry stick kit and a few cymbal crashes from their Walnut brush kit and I cut the groove.

    The vibes and euphonium play the same notes in the head and also in a motif just before the head returns.


    I used the Larry Seyer bass samples. I think I used the program \'1stPosition Upright bass\'.

    Thanks for listening and commenting.

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    Re: Jazz Piece: The Moon in the Window


    was there a horn in this?..if so which sample.

    The Vibes sound great!

    Can you offer a complete list of samples used here..


    Alan Russell

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