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Topic: Startropics - Come and Party on the Beach!!!

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    Startropics - Come and Party on the Beach!!!



    Heheh! This is a composition from a very wonderful game I used to play as a child, "Startropics!" It is an arrangement to one of the dungeon themes!!! I find this composition rather upbeat and WELL... GETS YOUR LEGS SHAKING!!!! Wanted to share a little groove with the community LOL!!!

    Libraries Used:
    - Vienna Vienna Appassionata (SE)
    - Vienna Woodwinds (SE)
    - Micro Olympus Choir (Soundiron)



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    Re: Startropics - Come and Party on the Beach!!!

    Take a look at the Soundcloud data on your post, Richard, it's messed up and not working. But this was a case when my video card didn't go nuts, so I was able to play the video. It's a cute theme that could use a more complete arrangement I think.


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    Re: Startropics - Come and Party on the Beach!!!

    Thanks for the reply Randy! That really baffles me that that soundcloud gadget didn't work. I pasted the link again and used the tags and it works. Wierd :O Yes, this was a very simple arrangement, I have been getting some good feedback from fans of my arrangements. For instance, Celes' Theme from Final Fantasy VI. The person who left the comment said that this was basically a great piece because I kept it simple and true to the game (OLDER ONES MOSTLY). One thing with game music is that if you over arrange or orchestrate it, it just ruins it. I find myself enjoying the old 8 bit nes tunes a lot of the time more than the orchestrated stuff in a lot of nintendo games. It is very important to keep things as close to it's natural when it comes to game music. The only thing I did with this was add the dynamics, transposed it a bit and added a softer touching ending then the original, and used real instruments instead of the 8bit synths.



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    Re: Startropics - Come and Party on the Beach!!!

    Sounds nice Richard! I know that you wanted the level of reverb that you have on melody, but it seems to be causing a lag in the overall sound. Your string pattern is nice, but the melody lacks some crispness so I does not line up rhythmically with the strings as much as I would like to hear. This is a good listen. Thanks for posting. Jay

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    Re: Startropics - Come and Party on the Beach!!!

    I'll quote Randy: it is a very cute theme! I do not know if you know it, but it reminds me a bit the theme from "Monkey Island". Or one of the several "Monkey Islands". Inspired or not, it is joyful, very pleasant and very Caribbean!

    I'll have to quote jay, too. Reverb is weird on the melody. Only, I am not annoyed so much by the lag, but by the fact that the melody is difficult to follow.

    But very nice indeed.


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    Re: Startropics - Come and Party on the Beach!!!

    Hi Richard,

    Interesting theme in the low strings, good accents. The flute disappears a bit to the background, but contrasts well with the rather aggressive strings and obstinate rhythm.

    Well done, I like it.


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    Re: Startropics - Come and Party on the Beach!!!

    Thanks for more feedback guys! Maybe the reverb indeed was a little over done, but the actual flute part is what it was in the game. It is a bit different than what you would listen in a standard orchestrated composition, sometimes it really is just atmosphere.



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