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Topic: Soft demo...

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    Soft demo...

    Here\'s something I started with last night until early morning. It\'s a soft piece with a clarinet melody after this introduction.

    ( www.aaronsapp.com/Remembering.mp3 )

    Comments/Suggestions welcome as always.

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    Re: Soft demo...

    Hi A_Sapp,

    I don\'t hear anything!

    There\'s something wrong with the file. Or maybe it\'s too soft. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: Soft demo...


    Nice piece! Definitely worth re-recording at the correct level. I don\'t think you would ever be happy with the result from eq\'ing. You must have recorded at a REALLY low level to get that much noise.

    Keep up the good work (the composing, that is)

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    Re: Soft demo...

    Hi Aaron,

    the file was ok now.

    You have some really nice ideas which need more development than possible in a 1 minute soundfile.
    I\'m looking forward to hear the whole composition, because this is a really good start.


    Ps. I really hope that you are working on a longer version, because if not I sound like an idiot. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Soft demo...

    BUT OF COURSE I AM!! Bwa ha ha! This sounds VERY unfinished, and this whole section was an intro to a clarinet melody to come.

    I really dig this piece because of the realism of the strings that you can achieve with GOS. At about :30-:40 under the alto flute melody, a ton of articulations were used if you listen carefully. There was cello portato, viola half/trills, ponticello violins, violin harmonics, and bass pizz.

    I hear people who don\'t even OWN this library complaining that the library sounds too synthy or not playable. GOS is one of those libs that take a good deal of time to learn and ultimately squeeze out the qualities it has to offer. I may sound like a billboard, but don\'t diss GOS, it\'s awesome.

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    Re: Soft demo...

    when I normalized it, it also brought out the noise level a bit. Perhaps someone with eq-ing experience can tell me how to lower or get of this?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I\'m sure Bruce will be able to give you far better (and more detailed) advice, but here\'s my $0.02:

    I record every track individually before mixing, rather than MIDI mixing in GS. (Bruce has recommended rendering from GS to HD to get 24-bit tracks, but I\'m not sure how much this helps a 16-bit sample.) Each track is recorded as hot as I can make it (not velocity, just gain-the goal is to use as many of the available bits in the track as possible, for maximum resolution/minimum noise floor.) This is without any room/reverb-type FX. Actual signal-changing stuff like flange/phase, EQ may or may not be added at this time, but anything that would contribute to the global final mix should be avoided. I\'m not absolutely sure about whether adding compression here is a good idea or not, I tend to NOT do so to avoid adding noise from the original sample.

    Final mix from these tracks and your noise floor will be greatly minimized, as each track has used it\'s 24-bit potential.


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    Re: Soft demo...

    I rerecorded it, so the recording levels are much much nicer now. Also, there\'s the clarinet melody at the end with orchestration to come.

    ( www.aaronsapp.com/Remembering.mp3 )

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