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Topic: Questions for Culture Users

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    Questions for Culture Users

    If possible, I\'d like to keep the dongle debate out of this particular thread. I\'m curious to hear some thoughts on Culture from those of you who are using it. There are some cool things in demos. How is the interface? How flexible and easy to program is it? Can you mangle and create things which stray far from the stock loops and samples in the interface? How extensive is the sample and loop library?



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    Re: Questions for Culture Users

    Originally posted by scores4film:
    How extensive is the sample and loop library?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">There\'s no loop library... yet. The one that is mentioned in the (infamous) CPP upgrade (sic) is just shipping, AFAIK. I wrote them suggesting that they find something else than a dongle, but got a message saying that they\'re at NAMM.

    Oh, and I also find the sound quality and variety to be excellent. My only beef is that there\'s no filter (and that upcoming dongle-berry).

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    Re: Questions for Culture Users


    as Ned mentionned there are no loops at that point in Culture. You have to write the parts that you need for your music.
    There will be midi loops with the upgrade but I haven\'t had a chance to check them out yet.

    The nice thing about Culture is the way everything is laid out and the fact that it is possible to trigger double notes hitting a single key. This and the fact that they laid similar samples with slight variations on both left and right hand on the keyboard make it very easy to write convincing fills.
    I am not a percussion player but I challenged myself and offered to write demos for Yellow Tools. I was anxious about the job but was relieved to find out that the interface made it easy to write good percussion parts.

    The variety of percussion is great, very well recorded.

    If you do a search on NS, you will find a thread by Lee Blaske that goes over the strong points of this library as well.

    Hope this helps

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