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Topic: OT: Akai Floppies

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    OT: Akai Floppies


    WAY off base, BUT.......

    I have moved and want to clear some clutter by consolidating my boxes of AKAI S1000 samples. Most will go to my EXS pool of sounds, some to GIGA.

    I own Translator and CD Xtract. My Gigas run w/ XP, so the Translator AKAI floppy utility won\'t run w/ the VB300.dll .......as for my G4- no dice.

    What I need to find is an app that will help transfer these floppies to safety, as my AKAIs went away on ebay. This transfer process will be mind numbing to say the least....... but think of all that extra shelf space..... You think Inspector Monk is obsess/compulsive!

    Can anyone point me to some app?


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    Re: OT: Akai Floppies


    AkaiDisk lets your PC read and write samples on Akai floppy disks. It works with all S-Series samplers from the S900 to the S3200xl. It works with DOS and Windows 3.1, 95, 98, but not NT.

    Hope that helps

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    Re: OT: Akai Floppies


    Thanks for the post. Unfortunately, all I have at my disposal is XP or Mac. Anyone else have any solutions???


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    Re: OT: Akai Floppies




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    Re: OT: Akai Floppies

    Hate to say it, but you might take the low tech solution and buy what is now a very inexpensive older Windows system and make the changes using the software mentioned above. You can find old PCs that run Windows 95 for about a hundred dollars in the classified section of your paper or at a thrift shop. Intall a CDR (borrow it for a day from your main system and find the older drives on the Internet) and you\'d be set.

    This wouldn\'t help your clutter factor, but you could then donate it to a charity or use it for storage. The cost might be less than a new software program.

    On the other hand, you probably know several people who have old pc\'s sitting in a closet. Not a good solution, but one that would let you get the transfers done.

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    Re: OT: Akai Floppies


    Thanks for the reply. I believe your idea makes sense. I considered asking someone with an older cpu. Seems like the best way forward.


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