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    This is a typical kind of jazz ensemble. It uses JABB horns, combination of drum hits and loops, neo soul electric piano and Jaco bass (from orange tree). It also uses an open embouchure flute from passion flute. I was trying out some different sounds to see if I will make some more purchases. (I doubt it though). Please give it a listen. It is a little longer than I thought it was, about 4:30 or so, but bear with it as long as you can. Thanks. Jay


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    Re: "m"

    Quote Originally Posted by jaynkate01 View Post
    ...bear with it as long as you can. Thanks. Jay
    Well, it wasn't a struggle to listen to the whole thing, Jay. Dang you have such a solid, sure way with your jazz stylings - it never ceases to be a pleasure to listen to your offerings. And that's one heck of a flute!-- Sounds fantastic to me. I had a look at their site - I can see the need for some hesitation on a purchase, since it's $130 for the single instrument. Fine for those with the budget!

    Great post - Thanks, Jay.


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    Re: "m"

    Well Randy, thank you very much. Lately I have been trying to mix it up a bit by posting a classical piece and then a non classical piece. I have been trying software out with demo's or my friends machine to see if things work for me. Sometimes they work out good but when I find out how much the purchase price is, I usually have to let it go. I would like to get a really nice string library like vienna or something, but the price is so outrageous for me that it will only happen in my dreams. Anyway, it is the same dilemma that we all face. Thanks a lot for the listen. Jay

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    Re: "m"

    Jay, I listened all the way. I excused myself before, so you know I am not jazz fan, however, because of you kindly listen to my work, I wish to listen to what ever you produce. I find it interesting, I am learning from it. I miss the emotional involvement classical music gives me, at my age, I often tear-up, that is the way I am.
    As far as your wish to dream about good strings, we are in the same boat. Vienna is not in my plans for it's price. A lot of people who had them had mixed feelings about it, I believe because they were expecting out of the box strings sounding like the Viennese Philharmonics. Apparently a lot of work is involved to make it work and depending on the skill of the user, the results are only slightly better than some other, less expensive samples.
    You are a good listener proven by your comments on many works on this forum, and must agree that you can find works with just GPO strings sounding close to the real. How close is the question. Not all I hear here are "that" close, but some are believable. We are using tools which are new, and to reproduce a sound-palette a skilled musician can get out from a violin would take weeks of work for a few bars, and it still would not be the same. So, should we give up? I say no, just do the best we can with what we have and enjoy. When I started with this and let some "experts" hear my work (terrible), they rightly said "interesting". That was almost 30 years ago. Now, (without the Viennese) sometime I can fool them believing it is "real", if I avoid too complicated, too convoluted, too demanding techniques.
    It is also a freak of how our brain works, when I listen to somebody's electronic version of a known piece I heard several times from a "real" orchestra, by the time I got into it for a minute, it sounds as it should, the shortcomings are made up by my (remaining) brain for full enjoyment. Of course there are exceptions, depending on the skill again.
    Thanks for posting and Merry Xmas!


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    Re: "m"

    Hey Ted! I remember that jazz is not your favorite kind of music so I appreciate you taking time to listen and comment on this. I have heard that strings are supposed to be the hardest sound to emulate in a software package. I do think that garritan strings have a pretty decent sound and are fairly easy to work with. The stradivari and gofriller are excellent string packages. I guess I just want more realistic sounding sections. Anyway, it is good to hear from you. Jay.

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    Re: "m"

    Hi Jay,

    Again a fascinating piece of true jazz. You know I'm not an expert, but thanks to you, I listen regularly to jazz nowadays, and a few days ago, I even went to a live performance. How brilliant it was, with an excellent female singer. What a voice, what an improvisation talent...

    And again, you made me listen through the whole piece and I agree with Randy: The flute is wonderful!

    And to go back to Ted's words: It's not only the library that makes one listen, the musical content and the way you mould the instruments into a coherent and varied piece is a lot more important. A virtual orchestra can never be a real one, how hard you try. But it was designed for music lovers like we are. They are a perfect tool to create (produce) music and recreate (reproduce) it tor the outer world. I see them rather as a good word processor (music transmitter would be a better choice of words) to the listener's ear...

    Thanks for sharing and merry Xmas, Happy New Year!


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    Re: "m"

    It's always good to hear from you Max! Thanks for the listen. I have not been out in a while to hear live jazz, like in a club or something like that, but I have to start making it a habit again. When I first started getting into sampled music I wasn't as concerned about the resulting render as I am now. After hearing such wonderful sampled sounds on this forum, I decided that I wanted to make my music a little more realistic. I agree with you that it is definitely more important to have good content first, before any refinements are applied. Thanks for commenting. Jay

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    Re: "m"

    Hey Jay, just wanna say it's hot in here! Sitting down, relaxing, and listening to this nice Jazzy peace of yours. I can't help it, but my fingers are snapping and my legs are shaking! Am I convulsing? No I am not... I am just loving this excellent score of yours! Great work man! Looking forward more to these grooving pieces!



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    Re: "m"

    Richard! Thank you very much. I am glad that your fingers were snapping and your knees were shaking. My favorite part of this is the 'James Moody' type of sound on the flute. The open embouchure is a traditional jazz flute sound. Anyway thanks for the listen. Jay.

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    Re: "m"

    Every piece of yours is always so professional, wow...

    But what's most important is it's always so human and enjoyable!

    It's the shortest title ever, but for a very nice M-otion

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