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Topic: Thoughts on NTONYX?

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    Thoughts on NTONYX?

    Ntonyx has some acoustic guitar samples for Giga REALLY cheap, like $17.95. The demos are not convincing, though. Has anybody tried them?

    Also, they have some MIDI manipulation software-again, any experience?


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    Re: Thoughts on NTONYX?

    With a couple of exceptions (ie. SAM Horns) you generally get what you pay for!

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    Re: Thoughts on NTONYX?

    Originally posted by thesoundsmith:

    Also, they have some MIDI manipulation software-again, any experience?

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">The software you\'re talking about is not particularly good with GigaStudio. It\'s more about imposing acoustic-isms upon more generic synth/sampler patches. Although it\'s pretty complex and configurable, I personally never found it useful in my work. YMMV, of course.

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    Re: Thoughts on NTONYX?

    Thanks, Bruce-that\'s exactly what I wanted to find out. The friend that raved about it uses it with a Roland SC88 and loves the results. We use the SC88 live, so I may go for it anyway, but I was hoping to get some Big Band articulation support...

    Midphase, I generically agree WYPFIWYG, but I have found some real gems in the cheap/free world: Terkelsen Marimba, Worra\'s Wurly EP, BiggaGigga clav and Rhodes and Best of Bolder. SI offers some very reasonable partial CD gigs that are quite good, also.

    So I go sniffing around in the mud to see what i can find. Sometimes it\'s turds, sometimes it\'s truffles. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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