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Topic: Holst - Mars, The Bringer of War

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    Holst - Mars, The Bringer of War

    Hi all,

    I had some spare time so I thought I\'d put this together to try out the new Waves IR1 reverb plugin. All ofthe samples were recorded dry and put through some IR1s.

    Let me know what you think.

    Holst Planets - Mars, Bringer of War

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    Re: Holst - Mars, The Bringer of War

    Wow! Some mighty reverb I must say!

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    Re: Holst - Mars, The Bringer of War

    Some nice samples, some nice expression.

    However, your quint in the first brass entry is unbalanced and there are some glaring inaccuracies in the reading of the score which result in the wrong harmony/chord being played.

    I know that the score is a pain to read and isn\'t always straightforward especially if you are transposing but a listen through to any \"real\" recording will show where you have misread it.

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    Re: Holst - Mars, The Bringer of War

    Thanks for your comments.

    I noticed what you said about the score as well but I thought it was just my (not so good) memory of the song. I didn\'t have a recording of it handy. I went back to check the score I was using but it turns out the score is actually wrong. Who would have thought.

    I\'m going to go back when I have time and fix up that part. Thanks for listening.

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