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Topic: Our wishes

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    Our wishes

    Here are our wishes.

    The piece you hear figures on the latest Garritan Xmas cd, next to many other jewels. It's called: "Het Nieuwgheboren Kind" (The Newly Born Child).

    It was collected in the North of France (formerly a part of Flanders until Louis XIV conquered it in the 17th century*. The song originates from that period. The language is old Flemish (alas not sung here). I arranged it for SATB choir and orchestra in a very classical way.

    * It may be called a miracle, but after more than 300 years of French domination, some people still speak (old) Flemish over there. It's a kind of funny, because their dialect has never developed whereas ours has changed al lot since then...

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all of you!


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    Re: Our wishes

    Max! I never heard this before but it sure sounds like a Christmas song and your arrangement of this is great (not to complicated, just right for the style of song.) Thanks for posting. Jay

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    Re: Our wishes

    Quote Originally Posted by Max Hamburg View Post
    ...The piece you hear figures on the latest Garritan Xmas cd, next to many other jewels. It's called: "Het Nieuwgheboren Kind" (The Newly Born Child)...
    Max, you are nothing short of masterful in your renderings - This is gorgeous, as is your other piece currently posted.

    I love seeing the text you have at the top of the webpage, "Music is the language of the world."

    So - this is the piece you produced and submitted after the deadline, right? But, by coincidence, Jos Wylin also had a version of the song produced. Interesting that something not very well known to us here in The States should come up twice this year - And we're all the better for having heard it, now in two versions. It's very lovely.

    EDIT: Well! Since writing this post, I was informed by email that you, Max, and Jos are one and the same! Somehow, I'd missed that news item before this! Ha! Well - Jos/Max - we're very fortunate to have you blessing our Forum with your always top-notch productions!

    Wonderful music, Max/JOS - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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    Re: Our wishes

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful cheerful Christmas piece, loved it! I have been on Christmas music listening spree since last night



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    Re: Our wishes

    Hi Randy,

    Yes, I have a 'split' personality. The Max you know, doesn't actually exist. He was invented during my college studies. When I wrote poetry, I had to have a pseudonym and since I dwelled a lot in Hamburg and environment at that time, the choice was obvious. Now I feel a little naked...

    Glad you liked the piece. I have a huge collection of archive Xmas pieces from ancient Flanders (some arranged, others waiting).

    Max (?)

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    Re: Our wishes

    Dear Max,
    Lovely song and arrangement, thanks for sharing and Merry Xmas to you!


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    Re: Our wishes

    Great Christmas music, really loved it!

    Have a wonderful Christmas time you and your beloved family.

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    Re: Our wishes

    You're certainly a busy man, Max -- and a highly productive

    Lovely arrangement of this... and gorgeous rendering; certainly
    amongst the best technical work I've heard here.

    All best,

    David Sosnowski

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