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Topic: Which Orchestral Library?

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    Re: Which Orchestral Library?

    Thoughts from someone that owns none of them:

    If you need some ultra-solo work, go for a VSL variety. The legato tools will help, obviously. It simply sounds awesome.

    Ease of use? EWQLSO has the hall which reduced mixing to a bare minimum, which most people say is their biggest annoyance. But if you don\'t mind using the performance tools and their one or two downfalls, VSL does... again... make for some awesome legato.

    Cost? There are sub-$500 libraries, $1000 and $3000+. Depends on your budget. EWQLSO offers the best upgrade plan, imo.

    Authenticity? The more I listen and compare user demos to real soundtracks, the more impressed I am with EWQLSO. This is just me, of course.

    If you have a lower budget and need a smaller sounding orchestra, GPO might be your ticket.

    Some people are ooh-ing and aah-ing at GS3\'s news (which is good for VSL), but there\'s a 99.9% chance that NI will continue to update their engine to meet future needs as well.

    VSL is being good at providing instrument updates, though Nick has also always supported his QL products until death to him part.

    Sadly, much of it comes down to personal sound preference. I\'d love to have VSL one day to aid other libraries, but if I ever get around to purchasing one, it will be EW Gold.

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    Re: Which Orchestral Library?


    Thanks for your input. I am looking for a library that will serve both solo/ensemble sections.


    Sorry, I guess I should of checked the \"search\" option first. Since you took the time to respond and have most of the above lib\'s, would you mind offering any advice/expierence? If so, great. If not, I understand.
    I\'m a professional drummer/percussionist so my expierence in these matters is somewhat limited.

    Which one do you feel serves both the solo instruments and the ensemble instruments?
    Which has the most versatile articulations for most instruments?
    Which falls into ease of use?
    Best value spent?
    If you have the VSL library, which one?
    Any other comments would be appreciated as well.
    Thank you both for your time and help. On to the search menu.


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    Which Orchestral Library?

    Hi Guys,

    I am in need of your opinions/expertise on which Orchestral Library to go with. Currently, I have the Classical Orchestra and Advanced Orchestra. Both have worked well in the past but I would like to update my libary. (I use HALion 2/Kontakt 1.5.1)

    With so many available (EWQLSO, Garritan GPO, VSL etc.)I thought I would consult with you and get your advice. The samples sound great but I wanted to hear from you on what your thought were regarding: Authenticity, articulations, ease of use, cost, etc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Mark Dalzell / AudioScapes
    Las Vegas, NV

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    Re: Which Orchestral Library?

    Articulations = different variations of each note on an instrument. Staccato, marcato, fpcresc, sub-categories of all the above, up and downbows, and on and on, etc. etc. etc.

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    Re: Which Orchestral Library?


    First off, I do appreciate you taking time to respond. I realize this has been a \"beaten\" subject, but advice from people like yourself that have \"hands on expierence\" is greatly appreciated.

    I\'m not opposed to buying \"high end\" gear/libraries that are worth the investment and will have some longevity to them. My main use would be used for film scoring.

    Would I be better served to get individual libraries? You singled out VSL for the solo winds.
    Is this something recommended or just personal taste or being able to afford so many?

    I don\'t quite understand when you say:
    \"All of VSL\'s articulations either are a help or hinderance depending on who you are.\"

    I have heard the VSL examples and they are very impressive. Opus and EWQL Gold keep poping up on this forum.

    In any case, thanks again for your help. I\'ll keep at it and make a decision soon. I start next month scoring for a film shot here in Las Vegas. A learning expierence welcomed.


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