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Topic: Soprano sax samples ?

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    Soprano sax samples ?

    Who can advise me on a good soprano sax sample?



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    Re: Soprano sax samples ?

    Many people are very happy with ours:

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    Re: Soprano sax samples ?

    Originally posted by Maarten Spruijt:
    Who can advise me on a good soprano sax sample?


    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">We currently have a sax sample collection in production. I can\'t tell you that much as this state other than we sampled all 4 sax types (Selmer Mark VI\'s), and we used both closed and ambient miking that\'s going to be mixable. More will follow shortly....

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    Re: Soprano sax samples ?

    Franz, Worra, thanks for the info.

    Worra, please keep me posted! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    - Maarten

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    Re: Soprano sax samples ?

    Dear Maarten,

    I am sure Spectrum can help you on this. He originally created a superb sounding sax-demo for a Roland soundlibrary. Until date its still the best sounding saxophones (and sopranos) I have heard. I think it was called Roland Super Sax Volume 1.

    Yours Chris --->

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    Re: Soprano sax samples ?

    Sounds interesting.

    I\'m writing for brass ensemble and to get an idea of the sound I\'m now using the soprano sax from my SC-880 Roland module. So far I\'ve only had one person recognizing it as a soprano sax [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] (no offense Eric).

    So please, Eric, tell me something about this Roland Library. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Soprano sax samples ?

    Dear Maarten,

    I think its morning for Eric right now. But because I am such a great fan of you - I found Erics Sax demo on the net.


    Or here:


    You will hear the Soprano in the beginning - and also in the sax stacks. Mind you this demo is old - but I think its still great.


    Yours truly - Chris

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    Re: Soprano sax samples ?

    Thanks Lewis!

    Sounds very useful indeed.
    I\'ll check out pricing and availability.

    Now I\'m wondering, this is an XV5080 library. Can it be converted somehow to whatever non-Roland format?


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    Re: Soprano sax samples ?

    Eric? [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Soprano sax samples ?

    Thanks Guys! Gee...you never know when your music will turn up on the net! I always liked that demo too, one of those ones that came together really well.

    As you can hear the sound of the Soprano is very warm and mellow. It\'s really playable too...probably the easiest sound to play in the library and have it sound realistic.

    Credit must go to the great Steve Tavaglione, who I sampled for most of those sounds, his soprano tone is really beautiful. Poor guy tough...during that session, I made his lips bleed! (a fact he likes to remind me of...)

    I\'m sure that stuff is in the repackaged Roland CDX libraries...probably in the LCDX-03 Brass one.

    Should convert pretty well to Giga too...not too complex programming...although you won\'t have that magic \"Roland sound\" which definitely makes a difference with those samples.

    I don\'t know what they used in the SC-880...probably a really cut down and super short loop version, or an older, inferior sample...

    hope that helps...


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