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Topic: Love and War - Volume 1: Salvation Demos Part 1

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    Love and War - Volume 1: Salvation Demos Part 1


    EDIT: Soundcloud version is up each composition will play after the last, it only shows one demo at a time. It is a playlist so it will expand as I add new ones, so there will be a couple pieces on here that are not in the video.

    *Sorry Randy, I will get a soundcloud version ASAP if you can't get the video to run. I was extremely busy today (finished one composition and started two others) and only had time to do the Youtube video. I'll get the SC version uploaded tomorrow.
    I have mentioned this project a couple of times now, and I have been busy at work! Love and War is my commercial albums series that I am beginning. The focus is not necessarily a happy album, but it does have meaning. I mentioned this in my previous posts, but for those who have missed it, Love and War is a dramatic album series that will be focusing on sorrow, tragedy, war, depression, sadness, the struggles of this world, but also love, hope, faith, and peace. The album series will be portraying the struggling battle between what makes us positive (love, peace, hope) and what makes us negative (depression, misery, tragedy). The album series will pretty much be covering it all including our past such as WWII and the Holocaust. It all boils down to one thing Love (Positive) and War (Negative).

    This is a full presentation to the first part of the album with several different demos, some which I have posted and some I haven't. I am just curious to what you guys think so far!!!

    Instrument Libraries Used:
    - Garritan Instant Orchestra
    - Vienna SE Appassinata Strings
    - Vienna SE Orchestral Strings
    - Vienna SE Solo Strings
    - Vienna Epic Horns
    - Vienna Soprano Choir
    - Olympus Choir Elements
    - Olympus Micro Choir
    - Shevannai, Voice of Elves
    - Voice of Rapture, the Soprano
    - Sonivox Big Bang
    - Drumcorps
    - M1 Garand
    - EWQLSO Silver
    - Online SFX Generator



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    Re: Love and War - Volume 1: Salvation Demos Part 1

    Hey Richard! I listened to your love and war and liked it. The 'pad' sound blended very nicely and I thought the voices sounded great. After about 3/4 of the way in, I assume that the drums added into the sound was indicating a war section of the piece. I liked it because it was not overly dramatic. I enjoyed your post. Thanks. Jay

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    Re: Love and War - Volume 1: Salvation Demos Part 1

    Thanks for the listen Jay! Indeed, where the drums come it indicates war, that part is called, "The Front Line," (In the Video Version).

    I have also placed the soundcloud playlist into the post, it will have a few extra demos that weren't in the video. NOTE: it only shows one composition at a time, the next will play after the current demo is played.

    Thanks again for the feedback!



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    Cool Re: Love and War - Volume 1: Salvation Demos Part 1

    Hi Richard,
    intersting and meaningful project. The presentation is good, but if you accept a suggestion, I would work to improve the connection between clips with a better (or more emotional) crossfading, they sound a kind of disconnected (e.g. more dramatic volume diminution, but closer segments etc.)

    Last note is about some of the long string chords you love and use so much: they definitely do the job, creating suspended and emotional atmosphere, but in my very humble opinion, using them so long and so often is diluting the effect. I would suggest to work on the expression and the registers to make them more intense and various:
    - expand the dynamic everytime it's possible, if it's music to listen you may afford less compression
    - build up the sound with the wohle range of the strings: use more the high strings (and harmonics if your library has them) alternating or in sequence with the middle and the bass texture (you already use very well).
    - after you wrote following your emotional creativity, look at the result with a bit more "technical" approach figuring out a kind of "scheme" of the clip: e.g. has it a crescendo, has it a culminant point, where is the culminant point if any etc.
    Then you may compare the schemes of the different clips, and look for variety: it seems to be a slightly artificial process, but it can rise the final level of your work to a new dimension, believe me.

    I hope you may appreciate my composer point of view, and don't get irritated by comments: I do it because I like the impressive sound result you are getting and I see you reaching top production skills.

    good luck, all the best

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    Re: Love and War - Volume 1: Salvation Demos Part 1

    I am more than grateful for your feedback, don't mind it all. This is the kind of stuff I need to hear, as I am a rookie composer. In the video they were separated by piece. I used windows movie maker and just placed each composition in there with there beginning and ending. I guess I should have just mixed it down as one file with proper fading.

    Thanks a lot for the great feedback Fabio,



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    Re: Love and War - Volume 1: Salvation Demos Part 1

    Hi Richard,

    This is a very fruitful period for you. Of course sad events like wars always bring up inspiration to artists of all kind. Again, you've created a personal and efficient ambience to situate the terror and horror in.

    I agree though with Fabio about the use of the string ensemble and the chords. This is very effective, but should be more than just a wall paper. Strings are so powerful as to expression, they almost have the flexibility of the human voice to translate all kinds of feelings.

    But as a whole, I do admire your work!

    A happy and musical New Year to you and your family.


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    Re: Love and War - Volume 1: Salvation Demos Part 1

    It's an enormous subject that marches across all of history --
    love and war -- which you approach, here, Richard... and you
    have done so magnificently. Deeply moving work that fully
    reflects the pathos and depth of its conversation with the
    listener in its shifting scenes and perspectives... a very worth-
    while listen, indeed.

    I might suggest more thought on and attention to transitions
    between segments.


    David Sosnowski

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