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Topic: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

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    Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds


    I made a post a while back about which lib would be best for sweeping runs in the woodwinds. The overwhelming response was to get VSL. And after hearing a demo that Simon Ravn was kind enough to post...I have to agree.

    I\'m just curious what all of you think about the Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds for this sort of thing.

    Please post a short demo of some runs and stuff to demonstrate if you can.


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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

    Listen to the Holst First Suite demo on his site. All the woodwinds (except the saxes, which are Nick\'s from QL Brass) are Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds, and there are quite a few runs in there in the various instruments.

    They\'ll move quick. I\'d say they\'re second quickest to the VSL woodwinds in my experience. In fact, they\'ll move as fast as the cube...just not the performance and grace note stuff.

    Still a damn fine library. It is a real go-to, and a natural for Giga3 since it\'s a pretty pristine studio recording. They\'re also 8-layers deep in many of the articulations, which gives you a wide variety of tones.

    Sorry, that doesn\'t make things much easier, does it? I have really enjoyed both libraries, and I tend to go back and forth, using what I like in a particular context.

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

    I used the Dan Dean flute in this brief piece. It has some runs, but I don\'t know if they are sweeping.


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    Re: Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds

    Thanks for the replies!

    Great demos Bruce and Marko. Marko, your demo was especially helpful because the flute line was very exposed.

    I\'m assuming that the other instruments (clar, ob, picc., bsn...etc.) can pull off these rapid figures as well .

    Again...thanks to all who reply. It really DOES help when trying to select a library to hear other users creating similar effects, etc....so one can tell if a particular lib will work in the context it is wanted for.

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