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Topic: Design opinion

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    Design opinion

    Hey guys - I am trying to work out new site ideas before GDC. Just would like to know which you like better:






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    Re: Design opinion


    I don\'t know anything about web design. The new site seemed more comfortable.


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    Re: Design opinion

    Wow, nice.. I like the photographic approach to it. Both are excellent designs, I can\'t really pick. But if I had to, I\'d probably choose the first one.

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    Re: Design opinion

    I think the new one says more professional.

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    Re: Design opinion

    I like the first one. What you call a home page looks like more of a splash page of sorts. You know, the type of page that a site might auto-redirect after some timeout. Or more recently they\'ll have some flash animation and screen transitions. I guess my point is that your \"home page\" isn\'t really functional, so I have a hard time calling it a home page. Now, your \"news\" page is what I could see as the beginnings of a home page. Add some studio imagery along the left sidebar, news in the middle, and maybe the ASCAP etc. images from the current home page (all linked to their respective sites, of course), and you\'d have a nice, meaty home page. I think those images should be linked anyway, BTW.

    All in all, I think the first is better use of real estate. In either case, the only recommendation that I think you should seriously consider is that the tabbed toolbar links across the top of each page should indicate where you are navigationally. If you\'re on the news page then \"news\" should be subtly highlighted.

    - Keith

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    Re: Design opinion

    Keith -

    I agree on your points - the only thing I would add is that the new \'splash\' page includes links to the various areas, where the older one didn\'t.

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    Re: Design opinion

    I like the new one.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Design opinion

    Both are very nice, but I would have to give a slight edge to the new one.

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    Re: Design opinion

    I like the photograph.


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    Re: Design opinion

    Originally posted by carlmsmith:
    I like the photograph.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Ditto..Nice site..Rich

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