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Topic: New piece - advice?

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    New piece - advice?

    Hey all,

    I\'m finishing a new piece, mostly for my own amusement, inspired by my 9-month old daughter.

    Such Small Hands

    Uses several libs, most prominently Miroslav Mini strings, Prosonus strings, harp, celeste & marimba, VOTA angels, SAM horns & solo horn, and a few other things here & there.

    I\'m fairly satisfied with the arrangement (although I\'d love suggestions in that direction), but I\'m not so satisfied with the production - mix, eq, \'verb and all. Recorded with Sonar, using Soundstage for placement. I guess I\'m not happy with the sense of space, or lack thereof. I\'m just getting mud when I try to place instruments around.

    Anyway, I humbly submit this before the array of golden ears here!


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    Re: New piece - advice?

    I like this piece very much. Its a pretty little tune for a surely pretty child [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    What reverb do you use ? Could it be TrueVerb ?

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    Re: New piece - advice?

    Great piece Eric! And a nice inspiration.
    Did she hear it?

    I agree with you the arrangement is pretty good! You have a good pair of ears! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    You say you used SoundStage. Did you just put the whole mix through one SoundStage instance?
    If you really want depth you will have to use three at least. 3 \'busses\' so to speak.
    Percussion at the back, woodwinds and brass (solo horn too!) in the middle, strings more upfront.


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    Re: New piece - advice?

    Ooops, I found out, that Soundstage IS the reverb. I thought it to be only a positioning plugin, sorry [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    For me, the piano and the celeste are a bit too foreground. They are normally more in the back of the stage, where the percussion is.
    Plus the angels for me could be a bit more prominent.

    But it doesnt matter too hard for this lovely piece

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    Re: New piece - advice?

    Very lovely piece. Nothing inspires like our own children. Really love the Sam FH\'s - so easy to mix in.

    I agree that the \'Angels\' need to be mixed higher (just a tad) - it will help elevate the emotions of the piece even more!

    My only critism is that you consider LOP. The cymbals seem a little 2D relative to everything else.

    Again, thanks for sharing your music. Leave it like it is and it\'s still a winner.


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    Re: New piece - advice?

    Hey, thanks for the feedback.

    Maarten - I\'m using an instance of Soundstage for each track! My cpu is pegged pretty hard. Can I get by with feeding groups of tracks into an instance for depth, and then pan for placement? I thought MIDI panning was a no-no. BTW, the SAM horns really help make the piece, I think.

    @lex (Alex?) - I\'ll try another mix with your suggestion on moving the piano & celeste back. I won\'t learn if I don\'t try!

    Rob - the cymbals are the G-town variety. LOP is 2nd in line behind a string upgrade - thanks for the suggestion!

    And yes, my little girl heard it about a hundred times! She really digs the blinking LEDs on my Mackie. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Thanks again for the feedback.


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    Re: New piece - advice?

    Thumbs up from me!

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    Re: New piece - advice?

    Originally posted by Eric G:

    ... I\'m using an instance of Soundstage for each track! My cpu is pegged pretty hard. Can I get by with feeding groups of tracks into an instance for depth, and then pan for placement? I thought MIDI panning was a no-no ...
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Very nice piece Eric! Thumbs up.

    A new topic on Midi-panning vs alternatives would be very interesting.
    I agree that with Midi panning you can lose some precious stereo info, for instance if you pan stereo recordings rather hard left for violins 1, you effectively drop the sound from the right channel.

    On the other hand, tools like SoundStage do more than just positioning alone. You not only get ER\'s but also verb tails and they certainly add coloring and maybe even some distortion. I am also not sure if the processing quality of SoundStage is \"pro\" enough and on the same level as most of our sample libraries.

    Some combination of positioning and convolution verb would be ideal, IMO. Multi-input and individual positioning into something like SoundStage would also be very handy!


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    Re: New piece - advice?


    Great piece!!! Thanks for sharing it.

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    Re: New piece - advice?

    Very nice Eric! Be careful with those pizzicatos in the lower register, they\'re almost overwhelming. Overall, I really liked the piece.

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