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Topic: Anyone From NAMM Know This???

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    Anyone From NAMM Know This???

    To the guys that were fortunate enough to be at the NAMM show and see the GS3 blitz, did Tascam say what the minmum hardware requirements would be for 3.0? Thanks


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    Re: Anyone From NAMM Know This???

    As for *minimum* requirements, it seems like it will be about the same as GS 2.5, as fas as sample playback goes. For the additional features you\'ll need a GSIF 2.0 driver for your soundcard and maybe for your MIDI connection. And you\'ll want more horsepower for the DSP effects. Of course more/faster disk drives will increase your sample throughput.

    Oh, one difference for 3.0: I think XP is required.

    But if you have an XP box running 2.5 today, I\'ve heard nothing that implies that it wouldn\'t run 3.0 tomorrow.

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    Re: Anyone From NAMM Know This???

    \"one difference for 3.0: I think XP is required\"

    Required for what? Can you explain this?



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    Re: Anyone From NAMM Know This???

    I don\'t know about the XP thing for sure, but I\'ve read that they coded GS 3.0 \"from the ground up\". I can\'t imagine that they want the headache of supporting W98SE anymore.

    W2K is likely still supported though, since it has the same core as XP.

    So, maybe dropping W98SE is \"required\" to reduce their support costs. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I don\'t know for sure though. This is conjecture on my part.

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    Re: Anyone From NAMM Know This???

    I just doublechecked the brochure. It mentions that Giga is a Windows application, but doesn\'t specify the flavor.

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    Re: Anyone From NAMM Know This???

    GS3 was written and optimized for Windows XP. BUT, It will run on a windows 98 or 98SE machine. I specifically asked this question at NAMM. Also.....running GS3 on older machines....one will NOT take a performance hit. You will at least have the same polyphony as you did in GS2 on say a Pentium III (just with the added GS3 features and more stability in the program).

    Where a fast machine is needed to run is when using GigaPulse. They said basically a 2.4GHZ Pentium 4 with as much RAM as you can to run the convolution reverb of GigaPulse.

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