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Topic: Best Sequencers for Giga

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    Best Sequencers for Giga

    Getting Back into my Gigastudio, what Stable Soft Sequencer is everyone using for Giga? and looking to the future for Giga 3? what works best? My case, I\'m going to just control the Giga samples, just building layers to record into my PT Sys. any suggestions.

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    Re: Best Sequencers for Giga

    This is just my opinion but if you\'re using PT already, I would suggest Logic. It is the most compatible with PT systems although I hear DP is as well. You can do all your midi work with Logic and your audio with PT.

    Also, Apple have just changed their marketing strategy with Logic and are now bundling all of the DSP plugins that were separate purchases with Logic. Even Space Designer!!!

    This is pretty cool news if you\'re into Mac-based PT.

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    Re: Best Sequencers for Giga

    If you are looking for a stable sequencer, I suggest either Cubase SX 2.0 or Logic Audio 5.x . There are many reasons to use these sequencers, once they are both built over at lot of experience, and have passed through many updates and enhancements in the last years. Both are known for their excellent performance when working side by side with gigastudio. However, if you are going to get serious about Logic Audio, you must consider that it is no longer supported by Windows and it will not be updated anymore for this OS(as far as I know). The new releases will be available only for Mac OSX (the version 6 has already been released). I´ve been using Cubase SX in the last months, and I am pretty happy with its features. Version 2.0 has improved FX routing, and its graphical interface is very cool and funcional.

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    Re: Best Sequencers for Giga

    Thank you for your input! I appreciate it. I\'m running my PT on a PC so I would like to stay in the PC realm, wish they would make more Plugins for the PC, but looks like I\'ll be able to use VST in the future. How bout Sonar? anybody have any feelings about it?

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    Re: Best Sequencers for Giga

    I love Giga with Sonar 3.0. The only thing I don\'t like about the combo is not being able to bounce to tracks, but that is Giga\'s fault, not the sequencers. But this is going to be resolved in giga 3.0, anyways! Hurray!

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    Re: Best Sequencers for Giga

    I use Pro Tools TDM (HD Accel) and PT LE (002r,AMIII), and am planning on grabbing Giga 160, and upgrading to GS3 (combined with Kontakt, should provide access to most of the libraries I want [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] ).

    For writing, I use my LE system most of the time, and would use the ReWire function of GS via the DigiReWire plug, both open on same system.

    When it comes time to print tracks, over to TDM, and then I will have a second computer with Giga loaded, and then fly itin via lightpipe, and will be looking into MIDIoverLAN or something similar.

    With the FXpansion VST-RTAS wrapper, I no longer have to go elsewhere to use VST/VSTi\'s.

    With a bit of research and swearing, I am hoping to use the Remote Desktop features of WIn XP Pro to be able to run any computer from another on my home LAN, and then utilize FX Teleport to have one fo the three computers doing VSTi chores in final stages of recording/writing.

    Some incredible tools out there, and am now very happy I have no real reason to use anything but PT now, since it is the app I prefer, and am at home with.

    Dont know if that helps, just figured I would give one scenario and how it can all work with PT, since that is what you are currently using, and since I am on Windows as well.

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    Re: Best Sequencers for Giga

    I use Sonar 2 with Giga, and I tend to get pretty mixed results. About 3/4 of the time, it works fine, and it hardly puts any additional strain on the CPU. However, occasionally when working with Sonar I start getting loud crackling noises every time I play a sample through Giga (though for some reason it ignores the crackling if I\'m trying to use capture-to-wave).

    I\'ve heard this complaint from a number of other Sonar 2 users as well, so I know it\'s not just a problem with my substandard PC. If you\'re using Giga for a relatively small instrument set, using Sonar is an acceptable solution; if you\'re using larger ones, the amount of time it takes to reboot giga and reload your performance may be more trouble than it\'s worth. I\'m not sure if this is a problem in Sonar 3, so if anyone can shed some light on that it\'d be much apprecitated. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Best Sequencers for Giga

    Definitely any and all suggestions are very much appreciated. After some time away from this, it takes a bit of time to consider all options and new software that have come along to actually make a choice! which way to go?

    Thanks to everyone.

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    Re: Best Sequencers for Giga

    I\'m very interested to see if there are any other comments on this topic. I\'ve had crackling noise issues in Logic before too. Especially when running VSTs at the same time. I\'ll see if they continue on the new system I just got, but I don\'t think this problem is unique to Sonar.

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    Re: Best Sequencers for Giga

    Note on crackling: Avoid via chipsets like the black plague!

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