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Topic: In a Latin Groove (aka The Christmas Gift)

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    In a Latin Groove (aka The Christmas Gift)

    In my original thoughts and first realization in Finale, I had terraced dynamics in mind (a Baroque/Renaissance technique), but in listening, I soon discovered it liked drive as several of you have mentioned. I have include hairpins now to increase the push back to the dynamic rise in the melodic line. I am doing a dreadful thing next. Here I offer my first stage in SONAR X2 Producer. I am a slow worker in this medium (unlike the rapid work I do in Finale). All I have done in this first step is randomized the entrance of each instrument by up to 30 ticks so they all are not exactly synced. I included a bit of mix compression. The reverb (and I know I did it wrong - need to fix that) is from the aria engine - large theater. I should do it through Sonar, but this is my first attempt. Now you can all get out your red pens and start pointing out things my feeble ears don't hear.

    By the wayu, I changed the title. I only called it a Christmas Gift because it (the idea) was a gift I got on Christmas Eve when the piece fell together in Finale.

    Here is the full Jazz Band (stage 1) of In a Latin Groove (the Christmas Gift).
    all using JaBB and realized through Finale 2011.
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Thumbs up Re: In a Latin Groove (aka The Christmas Gift)

    Definitely Latin and Groovy

    I think the texture should afford aalso a more dynamic and faster tempo, (even if I understand the kind-of-lazy and relaxed original rhythmic idea).

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    Re: In a Latin Groove (aka The Christmas Gift)

    Very well done! Enjoyed this.

    In terms of performance, with Fabio, I might suggest considering
    just some slight quickening of tempi in places -- and perhaps a
    little more energetically accented leads.

    All best for the New Year, my friend!

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: In a Latin Groove (aka The Christmas Gift)

    Hi Bill,

    Join the club! You started with Sonar, I started with Logic Pro X as a total newbie some 2 months ago. And I find it hard to get into all the possibilities of such a 'complex' DAW. But I have to say, that the result is ways beyond the already rich possibilities of Notion (the notation program I use). And yes, it's definitely better to insert the effects in Sonar than in Finale or ARIA. When exporting to your DAW, stay as dry and neutral as possible... But who am I to give you advice on this.

    Fantastic cosy Latin piece, and for me, the tempo can remain relaxed and a little slow.


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