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Topic: Gaithersburg (string quartet)

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    Gaithersburg (string quartet)

    I was in the mood for a string quartet so I took a crack at it with this short piece. It uses garritan stradivari and gofriller and also GPO violin and viola. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Jay


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    Re: Gaithersburg (string quartet)

    There's a kind of quartet virus in the air I see...

    Nice athmosphere by the way, it should deserve some more performance nouances, probably only ages of editing... or a real quartet can provide.

    You did a good job balancing the sound anyway, Happy New Year!

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    Re: Gaithersburg (string quartet)

    Thanks for the listen Fabio! I would love to hear this will a live quartet. Maybe one day it will happen.

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    Re: Gaithersburg (string quartet)

    Happy New Year to you!
    Loved your quartet. Fabio, who is an authority, praises your balance, so who am I to disagree? As nice the sound of your cello, and I love cellos, I would push it back a bit, your violins and viola is getting "second fiddle" (sorry for the sick pun) and would be deserving more room...I M very H opinion...


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    Re: Gaithersburg (string quartet)

    Thanks for the listen Ted! I think that I agree with you on the cello. It does get a little overbearing at times. Jay

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    Re: Gaithersburg (string quartet)

    Lovely tiny string quartet.
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    Re: Gaithersburg (string quartet)

    Yes, it is quartet time!! What you've done with those rather limited instruments is great. I loved it.

    Happy New Year,


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    Re: Gaithersburg (string quartet)

    Fabio, thanks for the listen. It is much appreciated.

    Raymond! I am glad that you liked my short piece. I think that the Stradivari and Gofriller are good instruments samples, but the GPO strings are more limited.

    Thanks to you both, Jay.

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    Re: Gaithersburg (string quartet)

    Ah, so nice, Jay - I always am glad to hear the good ol' solo Garritan strings being used. This is lovely. I had to look up "Gaithersburg"-- So, you're referring to this city in Maryland?

    I looked through the thread - I'll offer my 2 cents on the cello - I like the level you have it. Gives weight and foundation to the piece. It seems like people bury their cello too much, and it makes small ensembles sound too flimsy.

    Thanks much, Jay.


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    Re: Gaithersburg (string quartet)

    Ah....A man of many hats and you were them all so well. My problem is I forget to take off the hat I have on before I put on another, so I have that "stacked" Dr. Zeus look. I have to learn to wear them one at a time like you do.

    And thanks to you, I have your main motif stuck in my hear this morning. da, da, da,..... duh....... duh ). rhythm. Really a great piece Jay. I love your judicious use of ornamentation but it enhances the whole character of the piece, like at :56 and 1:19. It gives almost a bluegrass feeling to the musical fabric which is really nifty in my minds eye.

    Form, length, mixing, counterpoint, all attributes of this piece work and work well.

    Really a nice listen. Thanks Jay.


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