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Topic: have you tested muy Schimmel !

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    have you tested muy Schimmel !


    i know that the file is very big and long to
    download at www.realprosounds.com

    However, this Piano is free !

    I have received a lot of private mail about my sampled Piano !

    comments are welcome on this forum !!!



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    Re: have you tested muy Schimmel !

    Hi Olivier,

    I downloaded your Schimmel so you would have some response and feedback here.

    I think you did a very fine job, especially for such a compact sample set. People should take the time to check it out...certainly worth many times its price, and one can never have too many piano samples at hand. I\'m sure that there will be many uses for the instrument, and offering your hard work in this fashion is very generous.

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    Re: have you tested muy Schimmel !

    I have it as well. I like the realness of this piano in terms of the timbre. It\'s warm and not pristine perfect. i like that.

    It\'s only downfall is that there isn\'t much dynamic range available.

    But, that aside I think you did a great job. And it adds another lovely color to the sample palette.

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    Re: have you tested muy Schimmel !

    I used the Shimmel you\'ve sampled.
    It\'s very playable.
    I have a real Shimmel and I think that you made a really good job.
    Merci et félicitations pour ce travail !


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