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Topic: Vocal track minus vocals

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    Vocal track minus vocals

    Other than a few instrumental compositions, most of the stuff I do ends up with vocals on top of it. I love to hear the finished product, but sometimes it\'s fun to hear the track before the vocals are laid down.

    Here\'s a little Southern Gospel tune which hopefully will be finished sometime this Spring. Keep in mind it\'s designed for vocals, so you won\'t hear much of a melody except during the intro and the interlude.

    I\'ve mixed and matched several drum loops here. In a couple of places it\'s painfully obvious although I don\'t think it will be a problem when the vocals are added. Some of the fills might sound out of place, but it will be OK when the vocals are added. (I hope... [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] )

    Libraries are: QL Brass, Vintaudio Gigaclean guitars (lots of processing), Dan Dean Jazz bass; Virtual Guitar acoustic; Nashville High Strung Guitars; Sonic Implants B3; Yamaha P250 piano (nice \"jingle-jangle\" sound on the 250); LA Sessions and Performance Drum loops; American Heartland harmonica loops and notes.

    Does it make you wanna sing???? Comments and feedback appreciated!


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    Re: Vocal track minus vocals

    I\'m sure you\'ll be completely rebalancing the mix once you\'ve got the vocals on, but my first impression would be to strip that room out of the drums and get \'em punching. Right now, they\'re spreading out over the back of the room, and I don\'t feel them in my gut.

    I was about to ask you what that weird string sound was, hanging over the ending, and I realized my elbow was on the my keyboard. [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: Vocal track minus vocals

    Thanks, Bruce. Yes, we\'ll do some remixing in the final recording as time permits. I debated on making the drums louder, but pulling the room out might just be the ticket.

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