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Topic: Community Christmas 2014 (Volume 11)

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    Community Christmas 2014 (Volume 11)

    Gary Garritan, in his post for our new Christmas album wrote:

    It makes me especially glad to be a part of this tradition and I hope we will do this for more than another ten years.

    My thoughts presently are that if this beautiful tradition is to continue for the 11th year, then it will probably now be run from Gary's new forums.

    Please, at this point I am making no judgement nor comment on this other than to say what seems to be the most likely. Obviously folk will have their own thoughts and feelings over this and that is fine. It really is not my intention to stir things here but to try and establish the future of our Christmas tradition.

    Last year the project for 2013 (Volume 10) was started December 27th and folk began nominating and reserving their songs. If the project is continuing this year I already know what I want to offer and would like to nominate early this time to be sure of reserving my song.

    Dan has confirmed to me that the decision is with Gary and MakeMusic.

    In the meantime, I am sure that everyone involved will hope that our Christmas tradition lives on.

    I have also posted this in the new Garritan forums.
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    Re: Community Christmas 2014 (Volume 11)

    Just started to write my next one!
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    Re: Community Christmas 2014 (Volume 11)

    Oh my - I can't think about this yet! - We do need to find out definitively if MM wants to have a Christmas album, as you said, Michael. If they do, are we certain Dan is prepared to be the project's organizer? Fabio--you've already started -and you're writing?-an original?--

    Well - Let's see what happens. I need to let the new year get going a bit, then can think on this more a bit later on. It's good you brought it up, Michael - I'm just still in Christmas 2013 mode!


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