We are pleased to announce the release of the GPO Studio. GPO Studio is a VST host application for Windows and Mac, created specifically for the Garritan Personal Orchestra. Foremost, it manages up to 8 instances of Garritan Personal Orchestra, allowing you to play up to 64 instruments simultaneously on 64 MIDI channels. GPO Host also allows Garritan Personal Orchestra to be played direct from the scores of virtually any notation program including the bundled GenieSoft Overture™ SE notation program, as well as Finale and Sibelius. For the first time, notation program users can play high-quality orchestral sounds from their scoring program. GPO Studio will also interact with any from other MIDI programs or sequencers that don\'t directly support VST plug-ins.

Composers who work with real musicians typically use notation programs to score for various parts (although you would be surprised how many use pencil and staff paper). The big studios use notation programs extensively for their studio orchestras. And of course, notation programs are used regularly in colleges and universities.

Up until now, it was not really possible to hear realistic renditions from notation programs. . This often required extensive and complicated routing or relied on small soundfont sets. Most had to just hear the music in their heads. Sound libraries themselves did not lend themselves to the usual notation process. Orchestral libraries typically have sampled unisons for every ensemble and section. You would have three horns, three flute, six horns, or whatever, playing the same note. This did not lend itself to the individual parts represented by staves in notation programs. Since GPO is based upon the concept of builing orchestras and ensembles from individual instruments, this approach is ideal for notation programs. Each staff of the instrument can play a separate individual instrument part, or divisi or unisons.

GPO Studio will be available free to all registered users of Garritan Personal Orchestra. We\'ll provide a link soon for GPO users to download. We will be developing GPO Host even further and are working on adding more features and capabilities (like a capture to wav function).

You can save and load sessions in GPO Studio. You can also load pre-configured orchestral templates to match those in Overture SE for a tighter integration between the two applications. GPO Studio provides 8 virtual MIDI ports (8 MIDI channels each), which you can access from within your MIDI program. For example, you can send MIDI data to the first instance of GPO launched within GPO Studio by routing output to the Personal Orchestra 1 MIDI port, as displayed in your notation or sequencer program. GPO Studio uses specially developed MIDI drivers (based on MaestroTools) to interact with Sibelius or other notation programs. If you do not have a notation progam, an excellent program - Overture SE - is bundled with GPO.

GPO Studio also manages an instance of Ambience Reverb, which automatically places the GPO instruments in a room, hall, cathedral, or similar space of your choice. Within GPO Studio, you can modify every instance of the GPO Kontakt™ Player and Ambience Reverb by double-clicking an icon in the main GPO Studio window. You can even configure your audio card settings with just a few mouse clicks. GPO Studio achieves latency of 6 milliseconds or lower, provided your sound card supports ASIO or Core Audio. GPO Studio also supports non-ASIO and non-Core Audio sound cards (or internal audio), though the latency will be noticeably higher.