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Topic: Peter Ewers symphonic organ 2

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    Peter Ewers symphonic organ 2

    Anybody have knowledge of this release? has anyone heard it? good? great? excellent?

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    Re: Peter Ewers symphonic organ 2

    I just did a google search and found this webpage:


    You can get demos and a pdf file. The info in the pdf file suggests that it is a pretty massive library containing 50 or so instruments (stops and stop combinations). Then I listened to the mp3 demos and I was REALLY disappointed. It is supposed to have been recorded in a cathedral but it sounds like it was done in a church closet with the window wide open! It is a real shame because it could have been an amazing library if recorded properly. Anyway, you can judge for yourself from the demos. I usually buy all the pipe organ samples that come out, but I will giving this one a miss. For a much better sounding (but somewhat overpriced) new pipe organ sound library check this one out:


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    Re: Peter Ewers symphonic organ 2

    Thank you! I\'ve tried the Orgona website many times, but it doesn\'t appear to work? I wonder if their still in business or just revamping their site.

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    Re: Peter Ewers symphonic organ 2

    The orgona site is still up. I just accessed it now. Sometimes it takes a little time to load, but it is worth persisting. It is quite an informative site. I have not bought their library yet though (but I may do someday).

    What do other people think of the Peter Ewer demos? I wonder if my criticism was too harsh.

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    Re: Peter Ewers symphonic organ 2

    The noise in the library comes from the bellows. The miking was so precise as possible. Keep in mind that every combination has to be balanced with the whole instruments. A Voix céleste as an example to play with Volume up to 127 is not the real thing. The exact balances between stops, combinations and manuals can be easily taken from the free booklet. For the first time a powerful organ of the symphonic-french tradition is captured so detailed. But it\'s the same with every real artistic instrument: you have to discover it...

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