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Topic: No Mo Mojitos

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    No Mo Mojitos

    This is a jazz tune, probably in the smooth jazz style.
    This tune uses scarbee electric piano, hypersonic bass, JABB horns, live guitar and a variety of drum hits.
    Please give it a listen. Thanks, Jay


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    Re: No Mo Mojitos

    You should know by now I always crowd my way to a front table when you take to the stage, Jay. Aaaaah, this goes perfectly with my Mojito - but please, it's far too early to say "No Mo Mojitos" - I want more! - both more Rum and more music - aaaaah, there, it's still playing. Toasting you from my ring side seat, Jay.


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    Re: No Mo Mojitos

    Hey Randy! Keep the mojitos flowing. I sure will, and thanks for the toast and the listen. Jay

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    Re: No Mo Mojitos

    Hi Jay,

    No Mojitos at all for me, I don't like mixed drinks at all... BUT... So heart warming in a frozen US these days. I really enjoyed this piece, it's so easy flowing and relaxing, with a beautiful sound and again very interesting guitar play and percussion.

    Thanks for sharing,


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    Re: No Mo Mojitos

    Thanks for the listen and comment Max. Mojitos are not for everyone thats for sure. I guess I could rename this song for you and call it 'never had no mojitos'. Its good to hear from you. Jay

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    Re: No Mo Mojitos

    hey but is Jay standing for JamiroQuai? I love your kind of happy jazzy-latin-fusion or whatever it is, I like it.

    Please more mojitos, it's actually my favorite party drink....

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    Re: No Mo Mojitos

    Thanks for listening and commenting on my little jazz piece Fabio. I agree with you that the Mojito is a great party drink.

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