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Topic: AO .art files?

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    AO .art files?

    I was wondering if anyone here had made any modifications to the AO strings? I remember being told that I would need to, but sadly I\'m not the brightest guy on earth when it comes to the GS editor. If anyone\'s got an .art file for them and wouldn\'t mind sharing, I\'d love to try it out.

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    Re: AO .art files?

    The only useable sustained patch patch in AO I could find was the celli section. They have at least *some* emotion. The sustained violins sound...well board....know what I mean?
    So Ive given up, and am going to be buying GOS soon. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] AO does have some nice effects though. Bill Brown uses one of them in the Undying score, great effect!

    I never even tried to fix em a bit in the instrument editor. Crossfading into the other articulations would be cool but just seems like too much work.

    There wasn\'t much point to this post. Though I will say that I also think it would be cool if there was some art files around.


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    Re: AO .art files?

    I agree some of the effects are nice, and the celli are pretty much the best thing going for the the AO strings. I just did a Bach chorale for fun to play with the SAM horns, and I went ahead and orchestrated it out... Between the brass and strings it was just pathetic. Contrasted against each other, the brass sounded highly believable, not to mention musical. No matter how much time I spent tweaking the strings, they just kept pulling the overall sound down to the point of laughability.

    I decided to go SI a while back and thought I could get it for myself as a birthday thing this last July, but things come up as always. Anyway, I\'ll be getting them now in less than two weeks, but in the meantime, I wanted to see if what I currently use could be made better. Even with SI I\'m sure I\'ll find times when aspects of AO will be useful, and besides, I\'d like to get the most out of what I\'ve already got regardless.

    OT, anyone with SAM horns: throw them on some 4-part Bach chorales for a really nice treat! Man they sound good...

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