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Topic: R&B / Motown Horns

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    R&B / Motown Horns

    I\'m sequencing some tracks for a Motown -style Christmas show. Need advice on the best sounding R&B horn samples (trumpet, alto, tenor, t-bone, bari) I don\'t need loops or licks, just decent sounding horns.

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    Re: R&B / Motown Horns

    Good luck, Edgar. I just got Quantum Leap Brass yesterday (big sale THIS WEEK, if you decide to go for them now IS the time...) and as far as I know this is the closest to R&B brass in the current Giga market.

    I also recently got the Memphis Horns from Illio. It is entirely lick-oriented, but the licks are extremely authentic, and many notes in the phrases are well-separated and articulated, so with a little work you probably can come up with a usable set of individual samples.

    Best I know of at the moment. (Phantom Horns is also licks, but the demo also sounds good.)


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    Re: R&B / Motown Horns

    Thanks for the help. I\'ll try Quantum Leap. As for Memphis horns, this sounds real good to me, but unfortunately I don\'t have the time to create my own samples from lick-oriented stuff. Deadline and all that...

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