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Topic: DDBE

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    I\'ve heard recently demos with DDBE : it was Airforce One and Hook ( and star wars ? ) on this forum. Now, the link is not available. Can anybody tell me where I could heard those démos ?



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    Re: DDBE

    Those were demos I put up. I had to pull them because I needed to put up a mockup of a project I\'m working on for the director and I didn\'t have enough web space.

    I\'ll see if I can throw them back up tonight.

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    Re: DDBE

    Here\'s one I did while testing the patches.
    It\'s from the Gladiator.


    Could be more detailed, but didn\'t had the time.

    The samples are so beautifull...I think I\'m going to make \"I LOVE DDBE\" T-Shirt for myself! LOL!



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    Re: DDBE

    Ok, I put the demos back up.


    Air Force One is all DDBE
    Hook is DDBE and DDSB

    Please keep in mind this is JUST THE BRASS from the selected clips, so it sounds a bit naked. Also, some people have complained about the reverb--I picked it because I felt it matched the reverb on the soundtrack albums well.

    Once I have my new dual machine rig up and running I will try to do some full orchestration demos.

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    Re: DDBE

    I would like to know that too. I haven\'t heard many DDBE demos...

    Tapani S

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    Re: DDBE

    thank you Jamieh for having back up your demos. It\'s very interresting to have only the brass sounds.

    thank you Lex but I can\'t access to your demo.


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