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Topic: For all of those that compose/mix for TV or Film...?

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    For all of those that compose/mix for TV or Film...?

    Is this a subconsious thing or do you guys do this for real...?

    Whenever I see a band/musical act performing in a movie (or on a television show), it seems that as they pan and focus in on the individual players/instruments that those particular instruments are loudest in the mix for that shot.

    Am I hearing that instrument as more pronounced because I\'m seeing it also, or do you guys actually mix those particular instruments louder for their on-screen time and then lay off of them while they are off-screen?

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    Re: For all of those that compose/mix for TV or Film...?

    Most of the time we will plan out ahead of time which instruments will need to come up for close ups and those will be mixed onto seperate stems. I will make the mix without any level rides; like normal. The re-recording mixer who dubs the show will now take care of those types of volume rides.

    And, as Sharmy said, these are usually done as pre-records with a countoff and are used when shooting. There are many times, however, this is done after the fact as well. Just depends on the situation.

    -matt mariano

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    Re: For all of those that compose/mix for TV or Film...?

    If we\'re given split tracks or stems from the band (or composer), we have favored the instruments that are closest to the camera. This is strictly a sound design thing and on the music side I generally don\'t pre-mix that way but let the mixers do it if they wish. It\'s generally a choice based on the approach that a sound designer and mixer wants to take on the show or the producer and director\'s preference.

    I\'ve seen it done both ways, If it\'s tasteful I really don\'t mind. Did a cartoon once that had a big town band play in the streets. We mixed the cymbals and tubas louder whenever they were in the shot, kinda cool, but it was quite intentional and the director wanted it that way.

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    Re: For all of those that compose/mix for TV or Film...?

    Thanks guys, so it sounds like maybe a little bit of both from my stand-point...?

    I thought that it would make sense to highlight which instrument was being shown on screen at that time, but it did sound like a lot of extra mixing hours...

    Or I just thought my eyes/ears/brains were playing tricks with me...

    BTW, I was refering to unlive musical acts... scenes like in \"Freaky Friday\" when the daughter\'s band is playing and as they pan to each of the different members (actors/actresses, not real musicians) that their particular instrument sounded louder... I think you guys got what I was saying(?) I just wanted to clarify.

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