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Topic: Crossfading Layer Problem

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    Crossfading Layer Problem

    Can\'t get the mod wheel to play the second layer from the beginning of the sample.

    In other words, I hit the note A4 and the first layer (which is looped) plays fine. I push the mod wheel up and the second layer sample has either finished playing or is just finishing.

    Layer 1 is an Attack and sustain with a loop point on the sustain

    Layer 2 is a crescendo to note off

    I played with sample offset, typing in random number but don\'t hear any difference.

    Is a layered crossfade what I want in this situation?

    I tried using the mod wheel just as a diminsion to trigger the cresc. sample (instead of a layered crossfade) but I have hit the A4 key again to trigger it.

    Any advice?

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    Re: Crossfading Layer Problem


    Layered sounds which are set up in a crossfade situation ALL start when you hit a key. All the crossfade function is doing is changing the mix balance between the two samples.

    It looks to me like your problem is that, while both your looped sound and your \'single shot\' crescendo sound are layered, they both start streaming when you hit a key and by the time you change the balance so that your crescendo sound gets a look in - it\'s run out.

    There\'s not much you can do about this in a standard Giga crossfade situation.

    This is where GST3\'s midi rules will be a major boon, I think. It will probably be possible to set a rule so that the \'key on\' trigger for your crescendo sample could be, for example, the point at which the mod wheel moves away from its 0 position. That way your unlooped crescendo only starts to stream when you are about to \'expose\' it. It\'ll save on polyphony too [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    In the meantime, maybe your better off to use two separate tracks and instruments - one for sustain and one for crescendo. Perform the main track, then copy the notes which will need the crescendo, and do a bit of note offsetting.

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    Re: Crossfading Layer Problem

    I had a feeling I was asking the GS 160 to do something it couldn\'t which is to trigger a note-on using the Mod wheel.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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