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Topic: Kontakt Pre-Release of Symphonic Strings

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    Kontakt Pre-Release of Symphonic Strings

    Sonic Implants is proud to announce the impending release of our Symphonic String Collection in Kontakt format. We expect to begin shipping in 2-3 weeks.

    The Kontakt version is available for order right now on our web site at a special pre-release price of $849 (regular price once we begin shipping will be $995, as with the other formats). So for all of you who have been waiting for the Kontakt version, now is the time to order. You can order at:


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    Re: Kontakt Pre-Release of Symphonic Strings

    A really GREAT library, too, with many best-of-class components. It can\'t be said too many times that the sordino strings are simply to die for, and the small section sizes have a lot of soul. Ultimately combinable with other products to make uber-sections.

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    Re: Kontakt Pre-Release of Symphonic Strings

    Hi Bruce,

    what is your opinion. Get those strings for Kontakt or Giga 3???

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Kontakt Pre-Release of Symphonic Strings

    The price seems a bit high though.. You get opus 1, or qlso gold for the price of your strings.. I know all the work that have been put into this library , i know it\'s great, but given the current state of the sampling world, pricing it like that is a very bad marketing strategy! I hope you take this like constructive criticism, the facts are the facts

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