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Topic: My Arduous Trip To GigaNirvana

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    My Arduous Trip To GigaNirvana

    I just thought this might be useful for beginners just to know what they MIGHT be up against. There is no denying that some people get a computer, Gigastudio and samples and everything works great. I was not one of these people. When I started I had very little experience with computers or software. I was a musician, plain and simple.

    I became interested in Gigastudio because I found Bolder Sounds’ fortepiano. I could not find a fortepiano for a traditional sound module. I purchased this disc and Gigastudio 96 v. 2.2 (I think?) and soon after Michiel Post\'s fortepiano as well.

    When I received the software I loaded it on my new Dell computer. It would not do anything. I called Tascam and they informed me that the version I had wouldn\'t work with XP which is what my new Dell ran on. They told me that there was an update. They were patient and helpful. I downloaded the update, uninstalled the old version and installed this new version. It did not work because my soundcard was not GSIF compatible (again, a novice mistake).

    So I got on this board and looked for a good all in one soundcard in my price range. I ended up buying the audiophile 2496. I installed it and ran Gigastudio. Nothing but clicks and pops and enormous latency problems. I contacted Gigastudio support again. It turned out I made another novice mistake. I only had one hard drive. So I bought another hard drive and installed that. I ran Gigastudio again and got lots of clicks and pops.

    I contacted Giga Support again and they directed me to download the most recent drivers for my soundcard. I did so. Still no improvement. I gave up for a little while and returned to the project a few months later. There was a new driver for the audiocard. It did not do the trick.

    Then I read somewhere that some people were having trouble using the midi and sound reproduction of their audiophile simultaneously on their setups so I went to get a cheap midi usb device for my setup. I tried that and it also did not work. Now a lot of people have been very pleased with this card and I\'m sure it works great for them, but for me and my system it simply DID NOT WORK.

    So I ordered the Echo Mia Midi. I uninstalled the audiophile 2496 and erased all traces of its existence from my life. I installed the Echo Mia Midi card and it worked flawlessly (A lot of people have been having trouble with this card, but for me it was a God send.)

    I now have a system that works the way it should, a little under two years and a great deal of money and experimentation later. I am absolutely thrilled with the finished product but it was far from an easy road - especially for a computer novice such as myself.

    In other words I don\'t know what makes some systems work and others not. I don’t know what components (hardware/software) were not working and playing well with each other and other than experimenting over and over and doing a ridiculous amount of research I’m not sure there is a good way to uncover this information.

    Gigastudio has been a monumental pain in the for me, BUT now that I have figured it out I wouldn\'t trade it for anything. At any rate I am planning on getting Gigastudio 3.0 as soon as it comes out. I am a glutton for punishment. The technology is amazing and well worth the headaches it can bring. At any rate, I thought this little soliloquy might be useful in illustrating what can happen in trying to set up Gigastudio on a typical Dell computer with a typical understanding of computers.

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    Re: My Arduous Trip To GigaNirvana


    edit ----> THANKS!!! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: My Arduous Trip To GigaNirvana

    I\'m sorry for the angst you went through. FYI, we now have a free Street Smart Guide covering GigaSystems.


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    Re: My Arduous Trip To GigaNirvana

    Thanks for the post Peter. I\'ll take a look at the guide tonight and see all of the things I did wrong. I wish I had known there were companies that custom built systems for Gigastudio before I purchased my Dell. Depending on what happens with my system and Giga 3.0 I may be contacting your company in the next few months.

    As for my post I hope it did not sound like a rant. I really don\'t mind the struggles I\'ve had because they have taught me a great deal about computers and sampling technology in general. And as I said, I am thrilled with the end result.

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    Re: My Arduous Trip To GigaNirvana

    As for my post I hope it did not sound like a rant-TEMPS

    Not at all! I think its almost a universal experience to have problems in getting up and running, and it is comforting to hear that others
    persevere and overcome.

    I\'m one of those folks with the Mia problems (Dell computer also). I have even offered the computer up as a guinea pig to Echoaudio and, who knows, they may take me up on it now that the NAMM dust has settled.

    Peter269- thanks for the download links. I\'ve downloaded but haven\'t read the info yet.


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    Re: My Arduous Trip To GigaNirvana

    I didn\'t have the incompatibility troubles you had, but I partly made up for that with far greater ignorance. I had long thought of getting a little keyboard synth. Once I finally went to a music store and tried a few, I was shocked at how awful the sounds were on anything I could afford. Then I heard about using a computer to make the sounds. What a great idea! I can spend all of my original budget twice over to buy an 88 key weighted controller. Then all I have to do is plug it into my Soundblaster equipped computer and start playing! The silence that greeted my first attempt was rather embarrassing, and the sound of General MIDI far more so.

    By now I\'m 5-10 times over my original budget, but I don\'t regret it in the least.

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    Re: My Arduous Trip To GigaNirvana


    I didn\'t share your pain installing and configuring my GS computer. I believe I owe this to the helpful people here at NS. I discovered NS and did alot of research about audio cards, midi interfaces, and general problems people were having in their setups before attempting mine. Thank you to NS for that!

    I\'m glad yours is working now.

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    Re: My Arduous Trip To GigaNirvana

    Originally posted by peter269:
    FYI, we now have a free Street Smart Guide covering GigaSystems.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Peter,

    There are two link errors with respect to your \"Street Smart Guides\":

    1) Your \"Key Terms for Designing...\" and \"Designing GIGA...\" are linked to the same file (the GIGA guide).

    2) The \"Samplitude\" file was not on the server (an incorrect link?).


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