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Topic: Steinway from a player's perspective? (Please?)

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    Steinway from a player\'s perspective? (Please?)

    I hate to say this, given the apparent strengths of all the excellent piano libraries out there. What I still miss, however, is a Steinway recorded from a player\'s perspective.

    Much needed for jazz\\rock and personal enjoyment. I still feel odd, playing a piano and hearing it as though I\'m sitting several yards away. I need that closer, all around me feel. (Send pictures.)

    Anyone out there working on a player\'s perspective Steinway? Michiel? Traun? Bardstown?

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    Re: Steinway from a player\'s perspective? (Please?)

    Make it a Steinway B - my favourite. The Post Dry Bosendorfer is a good player-perspective alternative to the Steinway.

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    Re: Steinway from a player\'s perspective? (Please?)

    I would like to point out a possible solution. Antares makes a perfect product that can place your stereo signal in about any perspective you like, called Microphone Modeller. I reviewed their TDM (ProTools) plug-in and hardware version side by side and this little invention really does an excellent job. It basicly replaces the microphone characteristics by those of another microphone, giving you the option to change that mic\'s switches and so on. There is a distance fader also. The process is based on convolution and is real-time.
    While I was very sceptical at first I was convinced by the tests I did. It doesn\'t make your Shure SM57 sound like a $ 1.000+ large membrane mic, but it does very nice things in normal situations where you want a different perspective based on microphone characteristics. In fact, the distance parameter can well bring a rather close recorded instrument track further back without introducing reverb or delay. It can likewize bring a distant recording much closer.
    I no longer own the TDM plug-in but I\'m certain there is a time-limited demo on their website. The plug-in was TDM-only more than a year ago but VST and DirectX are probably finished by now.


    Just checked their website, the plug-in is available in all Mac formats and DirectX only for PC.

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    Re: Steinway from a player\'s perspective? (Please?)

    uhm...were was I?

    I downloaded the DirectX demo and yes (!) it works. Try the proximity knob. It\'s like changing the microphone closer to the source or placing the mic further away.
    Works great on the Steinway- a little strange on the WET Bosendorfer though. That is, what can you expect, you can never remove ambience from a recording.
    But the Antares trick is a diamond.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Steinway from a player\'s perspective? (Please?)

    Hi michiel,

    Have you tested my patch for the Steinway B and my Schimmel ?

    I work on a Steinway model O.
    (8 velocity up and down with new technic of sampling)



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    Re: Steinway from a player\'s perspective? (Please?)

    East West Steinway B is still my favorite especially with the art. files for a darker tone.

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    Re: Steinway from a player\'s perspective? (Please?)


    (Olivier Truan is the owner of one of the best Steinway B in Europa)

    I knew that there was speculation about life on Europa but I had no idea they have Steinways.

    Just kidding. I do like the sound of this instrument very much but I wish that Olivier Truan would resample it with a great deal more velocity layers. This piano has a beautiful tonal quality, but it is not nearly as versatile or playable as the Grandioso.

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    Re: Steinway from a player\'s perspective? (Please?)

    Michiel has a great idea here...I\'ve tried this on numerous instruments (including piano) and had some great results.

    I\'ve haven\'t tried the piano from the players perspective, but I have used the Antares plugin to help make spatial adjustments with piano in an orchestral setting and have been very pleased with the results.

    Hope that helps!

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    Re: Steinway from a player\'s perspective? (Please?)

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    Re: Steinway from a player\'s perspective? (Please?)

    I regard that as a huge compliment!

    Michiel Post

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