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Topic: For God's sake, someone help me!

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    For God\'s sake, someone help me!


    I\'ve emailed three sources (2 soundsonline emails, 1 direct person) trying to get this resolved, and I am getting NO responses, so now I\'m trying the forum. I bought QLSO Gold Edition, and my first part 1.nks file is corrupted, and simply will not copy to my hardrive. I have no strings, and this has to the point, pissed me off, considering no one is taking responsibility for this. I just layed down $1000, and I can\'t even get freaking service. It\'s been over a week, and I\'m STILL waiting. For God\'s sake, can someone give me a freaking exchange here?! This is ridiculous. Someone help, please. Can you tell I\'m pissed? [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

    Jared Hudson

    Screenshot of the problem:

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    Re: For God\'s sake, someone help me!

    Hi Jared

    Firstly, I could be COMPLETELY wrong here, so please, anyone else that knows exacly what the problem is, don\'t shoot me down, I\'m just trying to help the poor guy!

    I had the same error message when I was trying to copy some VSL files... the solution?... well the problem was to do with cheap DVD drives fitted to my machines (luckily they were brand new machines and I got a full refund on the DVD\'s fitted)... I can\'t remember what make they were, but I fitted some Samsung drives and I\'ve never encountered the problem since.

    I was told that it was something to do with double layer DVD\'s where the cheaper drives struggle to see the second layer.

    I feel for you.. i\'ve been there!

    Hope this helps



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    Re: For God\'s sake, someone help me!

    I ran into this with another library. I had to try repeatedly to get it to work.

    Have you tried cleaning the DVD, do you have another PC on the network with a DVD drive?

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    Re: For God\'s sake, someone help me!

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    Re: For God\'s sake, someone help me!

    Hi Jared,

    It is probably your DVD drive that needs a firmware update or simply a new DVD drive.

    CD/DVD drives get worn out pretty fast because everytime you turn on computer the lasers ar turned on too - and are getting \"used\".

    This is unfortunately a common thing with DVD\'s.

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    Re: For God\'s sake, someone help me!

    It\'s probably your DVD player. Can you test the disk on any other drive? Soundsonline will send you a new disk if that\'s the problem.

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    Re: For God\'s sake, someone help me!

    Thanks for the replies. I found the problem. Apparently, my motherboard\'s drivers for my IDE didn\'t match Windows XP\'s. I rolled back my Nvidia IDE Controller to the normal 5.1.2600.0 drivers, restarted, and everything was fine. Part 1.nks copied over perfectly. Even so, I\'ll still probably get a DVD Burner, preferrably Sony, just to back up my crap, and to have another DVD Drive, cause I do not have another one! I would need it to load DVD based software on my second comp. HAHA! Thanks again.

    NOTE: If you own a Nforce or Nforce 2 motherboard, definitely check your Device Manager. Go to IDE Controllers, right click on Primary, go to properties, click the Driver tab, and make sure the Provider is Microsoft, and the Driver is 5.1.2600.0. Do the same for your Secondary (if you have one), and any other device installed. I had a bogus Nvidia IDE Controller that was Provider Nvidia, and Driver was 6.1.5600.0. Hit Rollback, and restart your computer. Everything should work.

    *breathes sigh of relief*


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    Re: For God\'s sake, someone help me!

    Maybe you should apologize for freaking out ;-)

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    Re: For God\'s sake, someone help me!

    Originally posted by SWL:
    Maybe you should apologize for freaking out ;-)
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Sorry folks. I was a little edgy. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: For God\'s sake, someone help me!

    I don\'t see the need for an apology.

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