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Topic: Stylus ??? Question for Eric

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    Stylus ??? Question for Eric

    To Eric and owners of stylus.

    I have been searching all available info to find out if Stylus is multitimbral.
    As in....
    midi channel 1- groove control loop
    2- conga loop (from a different groove)
    3 - shaker loop (also from a completely different file)

    Etc etc.

    Is this possible??

    If not, how many instances of Stylus can you get open on a G4 667?

    Thanks to all for the info!

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    Re: Stylus ??? Question for Eric

    thanks for the info.

    Memory is not a problem for me. My titanium powerbook has 1gig of ram in it.
    I am more concerned about cpu power.

    Could Stylus owners please post the amount of instances they get and on what cpu (speed).

    Thanks so much!

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