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Topic: Overture to "The Wise Tomcat"

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    Overture to "The Wise Tomcat"

    A while ago, I presented a couple of pieces from that musical comedy. For those who don't know me well (and I suppose most of you don't), I would want to surprise you with an (at the very least) strange piece, the overture from The Wise Tomcat.
    To understand the piece: While the audience were coming into the concert hall, a huge number of 'rats' swarmed in the room and annoyed everyone. The concert hall was very obscure, only lit by little blue and dark red light. That took about 10 minutes. During that time, the overture was sounding (it's not really music, but a series of repetitive sounds and effects). That scene, which was actually a part of the play, ended in the rats' ballet. The rats symbolised the greedy politicians at the court.

    Important! I wouldn't want you to listen to all of that crap, please scroll through the music and have a listen here and there. Only the last 3 minutes are the rats' dance. This is of a totally different kind of all my music. The other Max...

    Rat's Overture

    Enjoy(?) the listen...


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    Re: Overture to "The Wise Tomcat"

    Max. Max? Max! Max?!?! Is that you????

    Just kidding, had a good time listening..


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    Re: Overture to "The Wise Tomcat"

    Hi Ted,

    I sincerely hope you didn't ruin your ears...

    To be honest, I'm surprised about the number of listeners. I suppose they all didn't stay for long and didn't bother to comment. Let's say it was some kind of experiment. That composition was not meant to be listened to. It was only designed to create a particular atmosphere. Only the rock-like dance at the end was written for a modern ballet group. They performed an interesting choreography on it. But alas I don't have any footage of it.

    The rest of the play was a lot more classical or at least audible without damaging your ears and good taste. (Except for the last piece (= house music)). You can hear the whole suite at:

    The Wise Tomcat

    Thanks for the effort to listen to (some of) it.


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    Re: Overture to "The Wise Tomcat"

    Did you lined-up with Tangerine Dream in the past?
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    Re: Overture to "The Wise Tomcat"

    My head just got Maxed out!

    REALLY glad to see more "Tomcat" material up on the board, Max - I'll confess I did keep skipping ahead in this file, but enjoyed everything I heard, and listened to the requisite last 3 minutes in its entirety, as per your instructions.

    When one is bursting with talent as much as you are, it's bound to come out in all sorts of unpredictable ways - listeners beware!


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    Re: Overture to "The Wise Tomcat"

    As you may remember, Randy, this series of tunes was commissioned by the city council of Izegem. They made me write in the best possible rich variety of stiles and genres. Thus I did. When you ask me whether I liked all the parts equally much? Of course not, I even hated the 'House' piece, but finally, I was proud having been able to overcome my aversion of that kind of music. And what was even more surprising: The young people liked it. They all asked for the recording after all the performances were finished. That was my best reward and made it all worth while.


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