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Topic: The Stronghold Battle

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    The Stronghold Battle


    This is a composition I created back in about 2005-2006. I had the Legend of Erthia in mind while composing it. It was going to be a battle theme, but it never made it into the game.

    Libraries Used:
    - I am assuming it is all EWQLSO - Silver (It has been a while! EWQLSO used to be my main library back then)



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    Re: The Stronghold Battle

    Hey Richard! This sounds good to me but I doesn't quite strike me as a battle theme. I am not sure what it brings to mind but it is a fun listen. Thanks for the post. Jay

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    Re: The Stronghold Battle

    There's our favorite gaming composer again - Sounds more than fine, Richard - surprising you did it so long ago! I agree that it doesn't quite seem like "battle music," but it's atmospheric, more than hints at drama and danger, maybe a prelude to a battle.



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    Re: The Stronghold Battle

    Thanks for listening Randy and Jay.

    I'll be honest... but between us only (Me, Randy, and Jay )... I didn't really know what I was doing then. Just throwing in stuff to fit my ear lol! That is how I did most of my early compositions. Now I have a much better understanding of how putting pieces together work so I can better adjust to themes now.



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    Re: The Stronghold Battle

    Hi Richard,

    An early composition, and a very nice one. I don't have an opinion on its use or purpose, but what I know is, that the strings sound very well and merge together nicely with the voices. It has some drama in it, accentuated by the percussion.

    Well done and a nice listen!


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    Re: The Stronghold Battle

    I do not agree with the others. I feel the getting ready for the battle, quite clearly and impressively.


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